Sex adventures done right: True stories from couples who wanted to spice up their sex life

Trying out a new sex toy? Or using food for foreplay? Go ahead, but hear these stories first.
Sex adventures done right: True stories from couples who wanted to spice up their sex life
Sex adventures done right: True stories from couples who wanted to spice up their sex life
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Aditya and Shruti had been married for three years when Shruti felt that their sex life was becoming boring. The couple, like many others, had fallen into a routine and she felt dissatisfied.

“We are both still in our 20s and I thought it was too early for things to become so predictable,” she says. However, Shruti did not know how to communicate this with Aditya, afraid that she would end up hurting him. So, after a few discussions with her close friend, Shruti decided to borrow a pair of handcuffs from her.

“We hadn’t ever tried BDSM, but my best friend said that the kinkiness really makes a difference. I was nervous about it but I trust my partner, so I thought why not,” she recounts.

The following Sunday afternoon, Shruti surprised Aditya with the handcuffs and while he was completely taken aback, she says that he was eager to try it too.

“But things didn’t go so smoothly,” she says with a laugh. “He handcuffed me to the bedpost and everything was fine. I was pretty nervous to begin with but I started enjoying it. And that’s when the doorbell rang.”

It was Aditya’s parents who’d decided to pay the couple an impromptu visit!

“I don’t know if something was wrong with the handcuffs or if it was just that Aditya was so flustered, he just couldn’t get the damned thing to open! So, he had to pretend to his parents that I was out shopping and keep them off the bedroom…because I was half-dressed and chained to the bed!” she giggles.

Thankfully, after the visit, Aditya managed to open the handcuffs and the couple had a hearty laugh over it. “But we haven’t tried it after that,” Shruti admits.

Being adventurous in bed is important for your sex life, but it is important that you do it right.

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While magazines make experimental sex look easy to pull off, in real life, many of these adventures can end up misfiring. Or in Bharath and Chandrika’s case, actually cause a fire!

The couple, who are both in their mid-30s, were trying to bring the magic back into their sex life, having successfully packed their kids to their grandparents’ home for the holidays.

“This was the first time in 12 years that we had the house to ourselves,” Bharath begins. “Though the kids have their own room, they think nothing of walking into ours at any time. So, our sex life has been pretty vanilla, if not non-existent.”

Bharath and Chandrika got married after a two year courtship when they were “pretty wild” together, in his words. “We really missed those days and Chandrika had this idea of going all out and doing something really romantic the first night that we had to ourselves.”

They got some expensive wine for the occasion and Chandrika lit up their room with aromatic candles.

“We were both tipsy from the dinner and I was already half-asleep to tell the truth,” confesses Bharath, who works long hours in his IT job. But not wanting to disappoint his wife, he went with the flow.

“One of the candles was on the lampstand in the room and I was so gone that I ended up knocking it to the ground. Next thing I know, the carpet is on fire and Chandrika is calling me an idiot,” he laughs.

The couple managed to put the fire out but not before Bharath pulled a muscle in his back, running to the bathroom and filling a bucket of water in a hurry. Needless to say, it was the end of their romantic evening.

Getting creative the right way

The problem often is that what happens in reality is quite far from what the people involved have imagined. Anu, who has a steady boyfriend, says that he is straitjacketed about sex.

“The only thing he’s enjoyed is eating pasta off my body,” she says with a grimace, “but I somehow didn’t enjoy it all. The food felt slimy and I was also thinking about the mess which I’d have to clear after we were done.”

When one partner puts in a lot of thought into such experimentation and it doesn’t pay off, they may end up feeling upset. It’s also possible that the experiment pleases one but does nothing for the other, leading to resentment.

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An interesting sex life keeps relationships alive and wanting to break the routine in bed is a great idea. But go about doing it the right way, without setting the house on fire!

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All names changed to protect identity. This article was created by TNM Brand Studio in association with Skore India, and not by TNM Editorial.

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