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The News Minute | December 15, 2014 | 9.30 pm IST On Friday, the twelfth, Google rolled out its Malayalam translation service. From the time it became functional it was turned into a laughing stock, for it gave hilarious translations. Here is what the Google Translate has to say about famous Kerala politicians and film stars. Google perhaps does not like the political prudence of Kerala Congress President V.M. Sudheeran, may be because of the prohibition issue. It says he is "immature."     Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala is "blanket." May be Google is hinting at the trips he may have to make to the cold-hit Delhi to meet the Congress High Command over the political turmoil in the state following the FIR lodged against the Finance Minister K.M. Mani.    People in Google seem to have known the situation in the Communist party in Kerala quite well. It says that the former Chief Minister V.S. Achuthananthan is "bottomed." Within the party?     Film stars too are not spared by Google's Translate. Actress Priyamani is being equated to Tamil actress Namitha. Why? You must ask Google.     Actress Shobhana is "imagine." Didn't Google like her coming out against Kiss of Love event?     Vidya Balan is "Atif." Atif Aslam the singer? What is there between them?    Tweet
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