While Priyanka has done a good job, the film meanders too much.

Second Half review This Priyanka Upendra film is let down by a meandering first halfFacebook/Priyanka Trivedi Upendra
Flix Sandalwood Friday, June 01, 2018 - 17:11

Priyanka Upendra is one actor who is always up for challenging roles. While many women actors settle for cameo roles or as supporting artists post marriage, Priyanka has shattered the glass ceiling and how. Second Half only proves her mettle as an actor further.

The film revolves around Anuradha (Priyanka) and Shalini (Shalini), two police constables whose job it is to monitor CCTV cameras. Their seniors always underestimate them and rarely take them or their opinions seriously. But, our Anuradha isn't ready to settle for less, she always craves to achieve something big and fraught with risks. The sit-in-a-room and watch CCTV isn’t her cup of tea and one day, the opportunity she’s been waiting for comes by.

It is funny to see Priyanka, a constable, wearing high-heels while on routine police beats, investigation and raids. Director Yogi Devangange should've taken care of these nuances. While the storyline is interesting, the first half revolves only around Priyanka watching CCTV cameras and footages, which may trigger a migraine. The second half of the film unravels the secrets captured on CCTV, justifying the title. A bit of editing and some effort in getting the aesthetics right would have gone a long way in improving the film.

Priyanka seems to have done her homework to get into the skin of the character as a woman constable. She has got the body language right - be it while riding the moped or wielding the baton. Her minimal make-up complements the character. Shalini too has done a decent job as a supporting character, as have debutants Niranjan and Sharanya.

Though the music is pleasant enough, you won't come out of the theatres humming any songs. Director Yogi should have worked out a better screenplay as the film meanders in portions, making the audience lose interest.

It is good to see Sandalwood experimenting with films centered around women characters However, if the trend is to sustain, these films should also become successful at the box-office. Second Half had the potential to do just that but the effort is undone by lazy writing and execution.

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