On Friday, there were numerous reports that Oviya was on the verge of a breakdown and had therefore left the show.

Script task or real Bigg Boss Oviya fans go berserk over rumours of her leaving the showScreengrab/Hotstar
Flix Entertainment Saturday, August 05, 2017 - 12:55

Avid followers of Bigg Boss Tamil, the reality TV show on Vijay TV which has managed to capture the interest of audiences across the board, are on tenterhooks.

Their favourite contestant Oviya, an actor who entered the house without much star value, is rumoured to have left the show. Despite the presence of contestants like Namitha and Ganesh Venkatraman, who enjoy a fair amount of popularity with the public, it was Oviya who became the audience's beloved as the show played out.

While some strongly believe that the show is scripted and that the contestants are simply playing roles which were assigned to them, many have come to closely identify with the struggles of the people in the house, especially Oviya.

Singer Chinmayi Sripada, for instance, put up a Facebook post on how she could relate to what Oviya was going through since she has been through comparable experiences earlier. She concluded the post with the following words:

"Bigg Boss is a mirror to show us who we are. We may have cried and become angry to see the injustice meted out to Oviya by the various characters- including the ones that played along and stayed silent. But who are YOU In real life? Do you - the one who feels for Oviya - always do the right thing? Prevent bullying? Or do you do what is convenient for you?

And I am glad Oviya has become a role model for many. That she has an army. If our society, especially the youngsters become half as honest as Oviya was in Bigg Boss, who knows, even our political scene will be different. As they say - politicians are people's representatives. Makkal evvazhiyo arasan avvazhi."

Oviya, who is admired for her attitude, frankness, and honesty by the audience, has been on the edge for the last week. Even though she is unimaginably popular with the audience - with a dedicated Oviya Army behind her - she is almost unanimously the least liked contestant by her housemates. They've consistently complained that she does not do enough work in the house and that she's too "arrogant" in her behaviour with the "seniors."

Though Oviya appeared to be least bothered by the criticism, it seems to have got under her skin at last. From proclaiming her love to Arav, another contestant, despite him pushing her away, to behaving in a morbid fashion (she jumped into the swimming pool on Friday's episode and attempted to hold her breath), Oviya seems to be under emotional distress.

She has also screamed and even thrown threats at the housemates, especially Raiza, Julie, and Arav.

The insensitively designed challenge of a "mental hospital" has only added to the audience's disgruntlement with the show.

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Fans on social media have gone berserk, trying to find out if her distress is real or if it is a task that has been assigned to her. Popular Vijay TV anchor Priyanka tweeted: "Itss a Taaaskk. Take it light makkale", giving many hope that Oviya will stay in the house, after all.

However, C Rajasekharan, a consultant Legal Advisor for the show, told TNM that "there are issues and Oviya is getting the attention she deserves."

There was also a photograph of Oviya in a red car supposedly leaving the show, doing the rounds on social media. Proving the authenticity of the photograph has become yet another fan obsession.

Veteran actor Sripriya who has been posting in favour of Oviya for a while now, tweeted: "So upset, if she is disturbed it's better she leaves & relaxes, may b she will feel better when she gets to know how many supported her."

Many on social media have also declared that if Oviya leaves the show, they'd bid goodbye to Bigg Boss. The hashtag #NoOviyaNoBiggBoss was even trending on Twitter at one point.

People have also questioned why contestants like Shakti and Gayathri who were verbally abusive to Oviya have been let off lightly by the host, Kamal Haasan.

A Twitter handle which claims to be a "whistleblower" on the show, had previously tweeted that even if Oviya walks out, she will be brought back by the channel.

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