Puducherry CM says that if LG's interference continues, he will file a petition alleging contempt of court.

SC verdict will stop Kiran Bedis meddling in political decisions Pondy CM to TNM
news Court Wednesday, July 04, 2018 - 16:22

Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanasamy is a happy man this Wednesday afternoon. He joins Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to hail the Supreme Court's  observations in regard to the Lieutenant General's role in the decision making process of an elected government in Union territories.

Narayanasamy who has in the past, alleged L-G Kiran Bedi's interference in the functioning of his government multiple times, tells TNM that the Apex court's judgement applies to Puducherry too. He further emphasises that failure to adhere to it could lead to serious consequences.

A five-judge bench headed by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra, ruled that the L-G cannot interfere with policy decisions taken by the AAP government in Delhi. The bench ruled that Delhi could not be granted 'full statehood' but that the elected government could make rules on all subjects in the concurrent list, and subjects in the state list, barring three - which are law, police and public order. Justice Dipak Misra further said that the L-G needs to work 'harmoniously' with the council of ministers and act based on their 'aid and advice'.

"I am very convinced about the judgement in question and it will definitely apply to Puducherry too," says the Chief Minister. "The Supreme Court through this verdict, has upheld the democratic principles of the country," he adds.

The political tensions between the Narayanasamy led Congress Government and LG Kiran Bedi have been simmering since her appointment in 2016. The L-G has been asserting that being the administrator of the UT, she had the powers over administrative matters.

"The LG should not interfere in the functioning of a government voted to power by people. She should not obstruct the activities of the ministers and Chief minister. This is what even the court is saying," explains Narayanasamy. "But for the last two years, Kiran Bedi has been violating these rules. I have directly written to her and told her that she does not have the power to interfere in political decisions. Now the SC judgement reiterates my stand," he adds.

The Chief Minister further expresses the belief that Kiran Bedi will not overstep her authority in the Union Territory here after.

"Whoever functions contrary to the judgment now delivered by the apex court would face serious action," says the CM. "I myself would file contempt petition against those failing to act in consonance with the Supreme Court verdict." 



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