The song describes Sasikala as a “symbol of sacrifice, personification of justice, tender-hearted, God’s house”.

As Sasikala takes the crown rousing Chinnamma Anthem appeals for her to save the party
news AIADMK meet Thursday, December 29, 2016 - 13:09

With Amma presiding in spirit at the GC Meeting through her portrait on the symbolically empty chair, Chinnamma is all set to take over the leadership of the AIADMK.

And in truly filmy style, her loyal party members have made an "intro" song for her. Chinamma, welcome welcome! goes the chorus of this song, which could be straight out of Shankar's "Mudhalvan" - a film about a one day CM who revolutionizes politics.

In the song, Chinamma is lionised as an incomparable leader who takes over the mantle from Amma. In the process, she becomes the personification of several high human qualities and is even compared to God a couple of times. The cadre have expressed their willingness to fall at her feet too... Fair enough, since they've said she is Amma's rebirth.

“Oh symbol of sacrifice, personification of justice, tender-hearted, God's house, save the party, the god we see with our eyes, we fall at your feet, Amma chinnamma, like the Kaveri water leaps and comes in joy, Amma has taken rebirth and come as chinnamma with a smile and showing the two fingers victory sign,” says the first stanza of the song.    

The Chinamma song is so groovy, you might end up shaking your leg to it even if you are shaking your head in disbelief, Tamil Nadu.

Listen to it here: