The USP of the S-Ray speakers is that they send sounds to the user’s ears directly.

Samsungs C-Lab unveils smart glasses portable speakers for visually impaired
Atom Tech Shorts Thursday, January 04, 2018 - 11:22

With CES 2018 just days away, Samsung has showcased smart visual air glasses and a portable directional speaker. In addition, there’s also the GoBreath solution, which is more of a medical instrument to help patients do deep breathing exercises.

The smart eye glasses are named Relúmĭno and people with deficiency in eyesight can wear it and download the Relúmĭno app on their smartphone to activate the functioning of the smart glasses. The wearer will be able to gain better vision of images. The technology for these eye glasses was revealed by the company last year at the CES 2017 in Barcelona and the hardware, developed by the company’s C-Lab, is being showcased now. The paired smartphone’s battery will provide the power to the smart glasses. It is a 2-wat process, where the images captured by the glasses are transmitted to the phone’s app which will take the support of the processor to convert and send the clear images to the glasses enabling the wearer to see more clearly.

The USP of the S-Ray speakers is that they are not only portable, but they also send sounds to the user’s ears directly, thereby not causing any disturbance to those nearby. Samsung claims that its speakers will be superior to the competitive products in the market, in terms of their smaller size and portability.

The last product being brought out by Samsung in this series is meant for those suffering from “ostoperative pulmonary complications after general anesthesia”. People who have damaged lungs and have difficulty keeping pace with the required breathing pace, can make use of its GoBreath device, which also has to be coupled with a smartphone app to do breathing exercises and recover from their condition. The company will issue full guidelines to the users to educate them on how to derive the maximum benefit from GoBreath. The app also has a provision to record the progress being made and to send reports to the doctor for monitoring the patient.

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