Samsung launches industry’s first 1TB embedded universal flash storage

The new Universal Flash Storage offers 20x more storage than a 64GB internal memory.
Samsung launches industry’s first 1TB embedded universal flash storage
Samsung launches industry’s first 1TB embedded universal flash storage
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A humongous 1TB memory capacity embedded on a mobile phone must be beyond imagination at this moment. And this is not about an external microSD card inserted into and removed from the smartphones. This is embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) and this 1TB version will be called 2.1. This is a proprietary Samsung technology and the company had first launched the 128GB eUFS in 2015 and later the 512GB capacity. Now, releasing the 1TB storage capacity, Samsung appears to have crossed a threshold limit.

The South Korean company claims that they have started commercial production of these components and can be used by the top-end smartphone manufacturers around the world soon. The company also says it has built up sufficient capacities to produce the eUFS units with this capacity.

Giving the details of the Universal Flash Storage now being produced, Samsung reveals that it has managed to retain the same size (11.5mmx13.0mm) as the previous 512GB version and to place its capacity in perspective, it is explained that it can hold up to 260 videos of 10minutes each, shot in 4K UHD (3840×2160) format. Again, to understand this better imagine that a typical 64GB eUFS can take only 13 such videos. The new eUFS also comes with the capability to transfer data at incredibly high speeds, something like 1,000mbps. This would mean that you can move a 5GB file in any format can be saved in the eUFS within 5 seconds.

Technologically too, the South Korean company claims the read speed of the 1TB eUFS is as much as 38% faster than the 512GB eUFS. It now remains to be seen how the component fares once the smartphones are released in the market fitted with them. Some analysts feel this high storage capacity eUFS will be apt for the foldable phone models being planned by many companies.

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