The question now is if its flagship phones like the Galaxy S and Note will follow suit.

Samsung follows OnePlus drops 35mm jack with launch of Galaxy A8
Atom Tech Shorts Thursday, December 13, 2018 - 08:45

To have or not to have the 3.5mm jack on the smartphones has been a dilemma confronting almost all the major smartphone brands. It now appears the South Korean giant Samsung has decided to join the bandwagon and do away with the jack in its future models. The Samsung Galaxy A8s is perhaps the first one from the company to come without a 3.5mm headphone jack.

But then Samsung is known to try out many of its new ideas on the other series and sometimes drop the idea and not go ahead with the mainstream Galaxy S series which are considered the flagships.

The key point being debated in the online forums is even if Samsung decides to retain the 3.5mm jack in the Samsung Galaxy S10 variants to be launched in February, will it continue thereafter? If you were to go by the general consensus, the average Samsung customer does not want the 3.5mm jack to go. One of the main reasons cited is their unwillingness to make an investment on an additional gadget besides the phone. There have been some compatibility issues with the Bluetooth versions as well.

Most other brands like Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus and Google have launched their devices without the 3.5mm jack. But Samsung is the leader and probably sells more phones than any of them. It has to protect its turf and listen to its customers’ feedback before making a major design change on its flagship phones.

As of now, it may be safe to conclude that the company will go on with the 3.5mm jack as far as the three main Galaxy S10 variants are concerned. It may attempt the change in the fourth phone which is likely to be released in March and is going to be the first 5G phone from Samsung.

It is being rumored as the special device the company wants to announce as part of its 10th anniversary of the Galaxy S series phones. It is likely to sport all of 6.7 inches real estate in the display with no notch or hole and the 3D ultrasonic fingerprint sensor beneath the screen. It is expected to house four cameras in the rear. This might be the phone Samsung could choose to remove the 3.5mm jack. But this is just a presumption. The other devices that it proposes to release next fall, like the Note series, may also be chosen to switch to the no-jack design.

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