Ramesh has been recently nominated for the sixth annual Hollywood awards for the movie Labyrinth.

From Salem to Los Angeles The Madras boy who is living the Hollywood dream
news Monday, November 02, 2015 - 18:01
Written by  Pheba Mathew

“I used to keep trying to create my own set of musical phrases and sounds on the piano and keyboard in my childhood”, said Ramesh Kumar Kannan, a Los Angeles based music composer hailing from Salem district in Tamil Nadu, who has been recently nominated for the sixth annual Hollywood awards for the movie Labyrinth (directed by Ping Wen Wang).

 He started learning music when he was five years old. "I learnt classical piano and music theory from Mr. Camilus and Mr. Abdul Sattar- my teachers", Ramesh said.

 He also added that he comes from a family of musicians who are also professional medical doctors.

 He received his Associate Diploma in music from Trinity College, London and later studied Visual Communication at the University of Madras to better understand film scripts and drama in order to create music for films.

 He then moved to California and took a graduate program at the University of Southern California in Scoring for Motion pictures and Television and graduated in 2013. Sharing his experience, he said, “I was fortunate to learn from academy award nominated composer Bruce Broughton among many other professors.”

 He has been part of music-composing teams for movies like The Minions, Begin Again, Killing Season, Game of Assassins and Gatchaman.

 Asked about how it feels to be working as a music composer in Hollywood movies, he said, “Waking up everyday with having some music to be written, be it for film, TV, video games, a record or stage, is all I ever wanted for myself. And yes! I am very happy doing what I am doing.”

 Apart from Ramesh Kumar Kannan, Sir Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Thomas Newman and Danny Elfman are the other nominees for the Hollywood media awards this year, in different categories. This event is a precursor to the Golden Globe and Oscars. The winners will be announced at The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood on November 11, 2015.  

 Talking to The News Minute, Ramesh said, “I am grateful to be able to follow my passion through the course of my life and now when I’ve come to know that I am getting recognized for my work over a much celebrated platform like the Hollywood music in media awards, really, what more can I ask for?”

 His love for Indian music can be understood from the excitement in his voice. He says, “Never had the chance to learn formally. But somehow, I learned what I could from my parents and sister. I incorporate elements from it in my writing when the subject calls for it.”

 Besides composing music, Ramesh likes travelling, photography, reading and cooking.

 Currently, he is working on three songs for a theatrical play premiering this December. He also recently wrapped up the music score of a film called “Life of Janka” directed by Luis Vilora.

 Ramesh added, “I’m also looking forward to opportunities to work in India with all eagerness.”