RSS has also distanced itself from Panchajanya, which published the piece calling Infosys 'anti-national'.

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news Controversy Sunday, September 05, 2021 - 19:26

After an article in the RSS-linked magazine Panchjanya attacked software company Infosys and accused them of trying to destabilise the country's economy, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on Sunday distanced itself from the comments. In a social media post, RSS's Akhil Bharatiya Prachar Pramukh, Sunil Ambekar, who is the head of the publicity wing, said that the article published by Panchjanya reflects the individual opinion of the author.

Taking to Twitter, Ambekar said, "As an Indian company, Infosys has made seminal contributions to the progress of the country. There might be certain issues with a portal run by Infosys, but the article published by Panchjanya in this context only reflects individual opinion of the author." He also added that Panchjanya is not a mouthpiece of the RSS and that “the said article or opinion expressed in it should not be linked with the RSS."

This is not the first time that RSS has disassociated itself with Panchajanya. During a similar controversy in 2015, the Indian Express had written in detail about RSS and Panchajanya. The article noted that according to the Organiser website, RSS started a publishing centre in Lucknow known as Rashtra Dharma Prakashan in 1947. In 1948, they started publishing Panchajanya, with Atal Bihari Vajpayee as the editor. The article further noted that in 1977, Rashtra Dharma Prakashan transferred publishing rights of the magazine to the Bharat Prakashan Delhi Ltd, which in turn operates under the RSS.

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Former Infosys Director Mohandas Pai who is otherwise a vocal right wing supporter, was the first person associated with Infosys to react to the article. “Demented, crazed writers like this see conspiracies behind every shadow! They are not objective and should be condemned,” Pai wrote, while sharing a news report about the Panchajanya article on Infosys.

The article had cast many aspersions on Infosys, without citing any proof, and said that 'anti-national' forces could be behind the way Infosys was operating and even doubted a Chinese hand. It also said that Infosys was funding Left-leaning portals, naxals and 'tukde tukde' gang.

Reacting to this, Pai told Money Control, "As a democracy, they have the right to fund anyone they think fit. Infosys will never do anything which is anti-national. Infosys over the last 30 years has always stood up for India, got global recognition for India, has always put India's interests first as one of India's finest companies."

The BJP meanwhile defended Panchjanya's article with their national spokesperson Nalin Kohli saying that everyone has a democratic right to express their views. "After all we cherish freedom of press," Kohli told news agency IANS.

In its cover story titled 'Saakh Aur Aghaat' the Panchjanya had accused Infosys of helping 'Tukde-tukde gang', ‘naxals’ and other ‘anti-national forces’. Alleging that there are regular incidents of glitches in I-T portals developed by Infosys, resulting in trouble for tax payers and investors, the Panchjanya article said that such incidents brought down the trust of taxpayers in the Indian economy.

The article had said, with reference to Infosys, 'naam bade aur darshan chhote' meaning that while they have a big reputation, their work is small in stature. The Panchjanya article alleged that this was not the first time Infosys had spoiled a government project. "A first-time mistake can be called a coincidence but if the same mistake happens repeatedly, it raises doubts. There are accusations that the Infosys management is deliberately trying to destabilise India's economy," the article said.

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