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Keerthi Prakasam | The News Minute | August 22, 2014 | 11.43 am IST Blogger Space Meet Lakshmi Menon, a 25-year-old who could be the first Malayalam vlogger (according to Google). Based out of Dubai, this non-resident Malayali from Thrissur has 7,651 subscribers to her channel lmenon89 - “Lakshmi Menon Broadcasting Myself”. Her Facebook page has over 25,000 Likes. A trained classical dancer, Lakshmi spoke to The News Minute about how she got started on this in July 2013, and what she likes to talk about to viewers: What made you become a vlogger? I thought about vlogging when I first saw the movie- ‘Avatar’. I learned that it’s not a future concept but something that is existing right now. I looked around for someone who is doing it in Malayalam but could not find any. Then I asked myself – why don’t I start one? Also, I was really bored. What according to you is vlogging? It is kind of something like a blog, but here the medium is video. All you need is a channel in YouTube where you can upload the videos in. While blogging is essentially just writing down out your thoughts, vlogging is the same thing presented with audio and video. It is like owning your own channel and propagating your thoughts on fashion or lifestyle or even your response to a lot of current issues. I believe that words can be objective, but with actions along words are really subjective. What do you like to vlog about? It is mostly about socially relevant topics, lifestyle, movies, tv shows, some beauty tutorials or anything fun that you know. It all depends on how you evaluate this new space that social media has thrown open. It is a great medium to propagate and practice. The immediate response to videos helps me to correct my mistakes and to improvise my work. Watch Lakshmi give out the Rotten Coconut Awards for the Worst Malayalam Movies Have there been instances of negative criticism or harassment directed towards you? Yes, there have been such instances. I think there is healthy and unhealthy criticism. While the former is is a good mirror for correction, the unhealthy criticism is to be ignored. I don’t think I see them as harassment as I mostly don’t bother to give such comments any attention. Does your family support your venture? My family is very supportive. They respect my opinion and do not inflict their views on me. What is the average time that you need to come out with a vlog? And what about editing? Well, I learnt editing to make a small version of my wedding video. So what I did was to just polish my skills and yes, I am still learning. Photography and editing are always evolving in terms of technology, and I am trying my best to adapt. Why do you think it is important for people to put out their opinion in the public? We’re always on the computer, or fiddling with our mobiles and we’re always looking up stuff online. There’s not a day I go without the Internet. It is the best medium to showcase your reaction regarding any issue. This is especially true in the case of FB, Twitter or Instagram. In case of Instagram, the visual trend is catching up; the next stage is obviously for videos. Have you thought about the revenue side of your channel? As of now there is income from Adsense but it is too low at the moment. Frankly, I vlog or release a video as a hobby.
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