Features Monday, February 23, 2015 - 05:30
The News Minute | February 23, 2015 | 05.20 pm IST In all that excitement surrounding the India-Pakistan World up match, a photo by the World’s Number two in men's Tennis has not done anything to soothe rivalries; instead it has only deepened it.  Earlier, Roger Federer had posted a picture of himself on Facebook admiring a blue Indian cricket jersey shirt of the current World Cup squad. A sponsor that he shared with the Indian team, the picture was captioned "Dressing up for a Gentleman's game today. ‪#‎BleedBlue‬" Even though it appears to be a marketing stunt; this brought along with it unprecedented disappointment and anger from his Pakistani fans across the border for apparently siding with India. Explaining that it was more of sponsor event than his support for India, he said "It was more of a Nike thing to be quite honest. I met some of the Indian players and I had just spent some time in India so they presented the shirt to me. I support South Africa, and everybody knows that. The idea wasn't to spark any fire and I'm sorry if it did that.” Post by Roger Federer. One of his fans had earlier written in a Tribune article criticising him for his public display of support for India saying that it "represents a ruthless valuation of your Pakistani fans, based on their economic and brand impact. Effectively, you are saying that our feelings and opinions are acceptable collateral damage for publicity in India. That we are expendable, in a way that fans from a larger country wouldn’t be." He wrote that he had been affected so deeply that he deleted over a 100 of his Roger Federe posts from his FB wall as well as a photo collection of his that he had put tgether. Apart from apologising for his actions, Federer gave a complicated explanation to a question if he followed cricket or not. He responded saying that it "really depends where you are”. "When I'm in America definitely not. When I'm in Europe definitely not. But then when I'm in Australia and here (in the UAE) a little bit sometimes. So it really depends where I am in the world which sport I follow." The sportsman has apologized. But whether his non-Indian fans will forget the publicity stunt that backfired on him is anybody’s guess. Tweet Follow @thenewsminute
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