Rider Sana Iqbal dies in car crash, family alleges pre-planned murder by her husband

Police say an initial probe shows the accident did happen, but they will wait for post mortem report.
Rider Sana Iqbal dies in car crash, family alleges pre-planned murder by her husband
Rider Sana Iqbal dies in car crash, family alleges pre-planned murder by her husband
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Hi, I am writing this message to you and some more people who will be my witness if anything happens to me....The reason for this entire message is, if I die of a heart attack or any sudden thing caused by a shock, then please don't treat it as a natural cause, Nadeem and his mother Anis Ajaz are going to be my murderers. I hope you will find justice for me if I don't survive this pain.

This was a message sent by Hyderabad-based biker Sana Iqbal, on June 16, 2017 to ten of her friends.

Sana Iqbal was killed in a car accident in the early hours of Tuesday. Nadeem, her husband, who was driving the car rammed into an electric pole, but managed to escape with two broken ribs.

30-year-old Sana was well known among the rider community and had undertaken several rides across the country, for causes that she believed in.

A day after her death, her family and friends has alleged that the accident was part of a conspiracy, and has pointed fingers at Nadeem.

"It is a cold-blooded murder made to look like an accident. Her estranged husband and his mother who used to harass her are behind it," her mother told mediapersons.

Sana's mother, Shaheen Khan, is an advocate and a teacher, while her father had passed away a few years ago. Sana and Nadeem married in 2014.

"Sana and Nadeem were estranged, but Sana was trying to patch things up. She had a two-year-old son, Ali. Knowing Sana, she was the kind of person who always wanted people to work things out. She was doing the same thing in her own relationship," Ramprabhu Duraiswamy, a biker and Sana’s friend, told TNM.

Abusive relationship

Following her death, her sister, Saba Khan put up screenshots of the message that Sana had sent to her friends and family in June.

The message details how Nadeem used to harass the family, as she would return home only at 3am, because of her profession and night-shift timing. 

She highlighted a particular incident on May 25, 2017, when Nadeem allegedly came to her house at 1:30 am and stood outside the door, screaming at the top of his voice.

Sana said that he also threw stones at her house to scare her mother and sister, following which she had to approach the police, after her shift.

"I went to the police station and filed a complaint PET ID 00636. Took the cops with me to his house and there he convinced the cops to leave him and not take him to the PS, as it was an odd hour of the night, as if shouting at my house at 1:30am was correct. Nevertheless, I returned without even a warning to him by the cops," Sana wrote. 

In the message Sana has made serious accusations of physical and mental abuse against her husband. 

She also points out in the message that she did not receive any monetary assistance from Nadeem, to raise her son.

Sana had even approached the Humayun Nagar police station in May 2017, but the couple was counselled, and no case was registered.

Accident or murder?

Sana's mother has held Nadeem directly responsible for her daughter's death, and alleged that it was a pre-planned murder.

"Sana got married to Nadeem around 3 years ago. However, they were not having a good relationship because of his mother, who always used to harass and abuse Sana for dowry. Sana and her two-year-old son Ali, was staying with me. Now and then, her husband would come, shout, abuse and create panic in the whole building. The neighbours were also fed up with him," Sana's mother narrated to ANI

"Yesterday also, he did the same thing. At around 2 am, he came to the house as Sana returned home from work. My other daughter was here, and Sana told her that Nadeem was forcing her to go with him in his car, and that she would return in half an hour," Sana's mother said.

"She handed Ali over to her sister on Nadeem's advice, and went along with him. She was not willing to go with him, but he was abusing her and creating a scene. So, she agreed to go with him," she added.

"Yesterday, he planned it, and gave it a turn that it was an accident, but it was a pre-planned, well organised, cold-blooded murder," she alleged.

Sana's family approached the Narsingi police station on Tuesday night and also filed a written complaint. 

A copy of the complaint, with TNM, reiterates the mother's claims, before stating that a detailed complaint would be filed after the last rites were performed on Wednesday evening. 

However, the police maintain that this appears to be a road accident.

Speaking to TNM, investigating officer and Narsingi SI Sudheer Kumar said, "While it is true that they had some family issues, we have visited the site of the accident and seen clear skid marks, marking where the vehicle lost control."

"Additionally, everything matches up, from the way the car skid, to the point where it hit the road divider. Preliminary investigation shows that it is an accident, and may not have been pre-planned. However, we will wait for the post-morterm report before proceeding further," he added.

A case under section 304 A (causing death by negligence) and 337 (causing hurt by act endangering life) has been registered

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