"As a Pawan Kalyan fan I am worried, when PK is busy fighting for people’s problems from the FRONT Nadendla Manohar will stab him in BACK," RGV said.

RGV stirs fresh row attacks ex-Congman Nadendla Manohar for joining Pawans partyImage: Facebook
news Controversy Friday, December 21, 2018 - 15:36

Film director Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) is no stranger to controversies. He is back in the news, this time for taking on the political fortunes of actor-turned politician and Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan, with a series of tweets.

On Thursday taking to Twitter, he said, "As a fan of Pawan Kalyan, Am just praying to Lord Balaji that Nadendla Manohar won’t vennu potu (backstab) superstar pawan kalyan the way his father vennu potued (backstabbed) superstar NTR ..I request all PK fans to advise their Hero"

Nadendla Manohar is a former Congressman and ex-Speaker of United Andhra Pradesh, who recently joined Pawan’s Jana Sena Party. Manohar is the son of Nadendla Bhaskar Rao, who was CM for one month in 1984 (August to September). At that time, there were allegations that he had teamed up with the Congress party, which led a coup against the then NTR government, while NTR was away in the US for medical treatment.

RGV went on to equate Manohar, who is now a close aide of Pawan, with his father and said, "Dear Pawan Kalyan fans, I am just worried about Nadendla Manohar constantly smiling when standing next to PK because his father used to do exact the same standing next to NTR..Please tell PK to be careful pleaaase".

He further added, "As a Pawan Kalyan fan I am just really worried, when PK is busy fighting for people’s problems from the FRONT Nadendla Manohar will stab him in BACK."

Claiming to have inside information on the backstabbing, RGV said, "I heard from a inside source that covert intelligence agencies to inside Janasena core team to even Nadendla Manohar ‘s house members that NM is planning to politically back stab Pawan Kalyan."

He also started an online poll asking "What is worst back stab?" giving two options, Nadendla Vennupotu (backstab), CBN (Chandrababu Naidu) Vennupotu (backstab).

RGV is already under fire from TDP circles as he decided to make a movie on the life of the former chief minister and actor Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (NTR). This film is set against the backdrop of the political coup against NTR from the viewpoint of his second wife Lakshmi Parvati, and has been titled Laksmi's NTR.

The series of tweets by RGV received flak from Jana Sena cadres and leaders online and in local media. Several accused RGV of doing a publicity stunt ahead of the release of Vennupotu song from his film Lakshmi's NTR. A few other Twitteratti responded satirically saying that no one can beat RGV in promoting movies.

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