Resort brawl: Congress MLA Anand Singh may have to undergo eye surgery

Sources with Apollo Hospital say that Anand Singh has swelling near his right eye. Once the swelling subsides, the doctors will know whether a surgery is required.
Resort brawl: Congress MLA Anand Singh may have to undergo eye surgery
Resort brawl: Congress MLA Anand Singh may have to undergo eye surgery
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Congress MLA from Vijayanagara - Anand Singh, who was assaulted by another MLA at Eagleton Resort, may now have to undergo a surgery.

Sources close to the MLA’s family, who has been briefed about his medical condition by doctors at Apollo Hospital, say that Anand Singh has an 8 mm crack below his right eye.

“There is a lot of swelling on his right eye. He will be kept under observation for four to five days at the hospital. Once the swelling comes down, we will be able to determine whether he needs to undergo a surgery. Right now, there appears to be a crack under his right eye,” sources with Apollo Hospital told TNM.

According to the source close to the family, Anand Singh has been put on a soft diet and has trouble speaking or moving.

“He has a lot of pain in his chest. The neurologist and opthamologist have been conducting some tests and we took him for a few scans today. We are waiting for the results. There was an eye check up and the doctors say that there is no problem with his eyesight. But they also want to do some tests once the swelling comes down. He has trouble getting up as the X Rays show that he has hurt two ribs. He is just sleeping and we are feeding him soft foods. When he swallows food, he says it hurts. He is unable to speak too because of this,” the source added.

On Monday, the Bidadi Police registered an FIR against Kampli MLA JN Ganesh for attempted murder and criminal intimidation. The Congress MLAs were cooped up at Eagleton Resort after massive speculation of horse trading by the BJP.

In his statement to the police, Anand Singh told police that on the night of 19th, after dinner at the resort, Anand Singh and Ganesh was walking to their respective rooms. At that time, Ganesh questioned Anand Singh, on why he did not apparently give enough money for election campaigning and started blaming him. When Anand Singh denied these allegations, Ganesh started abusing him, and he took out a log from a flower pot and started hitting him. After this, he threw a pot on Anand Singh’s head and as a result, Anand fell on the ground and Ganesh started stamping on his chest. This was when Tanveer Sait and other two MLAs rescued him and stopped him.

Anand Singh gained consciousness only after he was admitted to Apollo Hospital in Bengaluru’s Seshadripuram.

“Since the unfortunate of demise of the Siddaganga seer, the courts were closed today, we will be going for the hearing tomorrow. JN Ganesh is likely to apply for bail. We will know only after the hearing,” Anand Singh’s family told TNM.

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