Anu Menon, who had entertained viewers on Channel V, is still remembered by '90s kids.

Remember Lola Kutty Shes now back as Wonder Menon on Amazon Prime
Flix Entertainment Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - 15:56

Remember Lola Kutty, the bespectacled Malayali woman who left the audience in splits with her tomfoolery? Clad in a Kancheepuram saree, with a string of jasmine flowers in her hair and interviewing celebrities while sipping coconut water with a straw - it’s difficult for the '90s kids to have missed this iconic character who appeared on Channel V.

Taking us down memory lane, Lola Kutty aka Anu Menon is all set to entertain us once again on Amazon Prime with her new show called Wonder Menon from June 14. 

From the trailer of Wonder Menon, it appears Anu is back with a bang with her unique self-deprecatory humour. Calling herself a fatter version of Kangana Ranaut, the show has Anu making fun of all absurdities in life. Back after a long break, the trailer has got the audience falling in love with Lola’s brand of comedy all over again.

After a sabbatical of 7 years, Anu made a comeback in 2018 with TLC’s Queens Vs Kings. Famous for her straight-faced humorous questions to celebrities, she was also criticised for making fun of the Malayali community with her strong accent. Unfazed, Anu asserted herself as a Malayali and had said, "Lola is funny as a person and not as a region!"

As Lola Kutty remains conjoined to her identity, Anu had said in an interview a year back, “Fortunately or unfortunately, that's what people remember me as. Someone once told me they thought LOL came from Lola. I was even identified as Lola Kutty once when I was playing Sarojini Naidu on stage. There are many who view Lola as the real person.”

Apart from her stint with Channel V, Anu Menon has also acted in a few Bollywood movies including Quick Gun Murugan in 2009 and in the 2014 Shahrukh Khan movie Happy New Year.

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