Instead of getting the point, many on social media seem to have taken it as an opportunity to hurl abuses at "Feminazis"

Recreating Rohtak Sisters and Jasleen Kaur case video highlights misuse of laws by few womenScreenshot
Flix Wednesday, December 16, 2015 - 16:11

On Tuesday, MOM Records and Reels put out a video in which they have "recreated very well-known incidents", like the Rohtak Sisters harassment case and the Jasleen Kaur vs Sarabjit Singh Harassment Case, highlighting the "misuse of anti-rape laws by few women." 

The moral being not to blindly follow stories without verification or without having heard the other side of the story, especially on social media.  

The company on its Facebook page wrote, "Its a repackaging of our old song with a new story and concept. We have taken a very interesting topic in this video which we guess most of us will relate to. We have recreated very well know incidents in this video regarding misuse of anti rape laws by few women. Its a very powerful song. (sic)"

Stating that most of us can relate to such incidents seems like a rather wild assumption. While the video does talk about the "misuse of anti rape laws by few women", it however fails to point out that for every "fake" case there are scores of "real" incidents of women getting raped, molested or sexually harassed. Ironical, since it urges people to not reach a verdict based on just one side of the story. 

While serious questions were raised in the authenticity of versions provided by the Rohtak Sisters- who claimed that they had been molested on a bus in Haryana- and Jasleen Kaur- who alleged that she was harassed by Sarabjit Singh- and the accused in both the cases vehemently denied the charges, what is interesting to note is how this video by Manpreet Dhami has been received by social media users. 

Instead of getting the point, many on social media seem to have taken it as an opportunity to hurl abuses at "Feminazis"- because, well, they seem to think that ALL sexual assault/harassment cases are just fictionalised accounts by women; also, it is easy to just judge everyone based on the actions of a few.

Responding to the video, one particular user wrote on Facebook, "Us men are doomed...society has become more inclined towards women....nobody cares about a man unless they are rich."

"To all the feminazis .................... U SUCK!," wrote another user on YouTube."

Watch the video here: 

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