Sreekanth Vettiyar is known for his woke humour. A woman who accused him on social media earlier has filed a complaint now.

Malayalam vlogger Sreekanth VettiyarFacebook/Sreekanth Vettiyar
news Crime Wednesday, January 19, 2022 - 13:41

After an official complaint levelling accusations of rape was filed against Malayalam vlogger Sreekanth Vettiyar by a woman at the Ernakulam Central police station, the police is on the lookout for him. The survivor had posted about the incident on social media, in a page named ‘Women Against Sexual Harassment’, on January 9. However, when TNM reached out to them, the survivor informed us that they are not speaking to the media yet.

The survivor, in the post, stated that she has known Vettiyar for many years and that he had invited her to a flat under the pretext of celebrating his birthday, where she was raped. She was also economically, mentally and emotionally abused and manipulated multiple times, she said in the post. In the #MeToo post, the woman also alleged that he used his fame to manipulate his fans.

However, this was not the only issue flagged against Vettiyar. There have been a couple of other posts accusing him of sexually assaulting women. The same social media page had published another post under the tagline “This post is from a different person who approached us”; a third woman had also published a post stating that her friend was abused by Vettiyar.

When TNM contacted the Ernakulam Central Police station, it was informed that he is yet to be arrested and an FIR has been registered under section 376 (2)(n) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) (commits rape repeatedly on the same woman), and an investigation is underway.

Sreekanth Vettiyar is a content creator, and his social media page ‘Vettiyar Trolls’ is famous. He is known for being ‘politically correct’. He was also the former admin of a popular Facebook page named ‘ICU’, through which the survivor says she knows Vettiyar.