'Randamoozham will happen': Director after MT Vasudevan Nair withdraws screenplay

Director of the movie, VA Shrikumar Menon, said he has not been able to inform MT Vasudevan regarding the developments of the project.
'Randamoozham will happen': Director after MT Vasudevan Nair withdraws screenplay
'Randamoozham will happen': Director after MT Vasudevan Nair withdraws screenplay
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Writer MT Vasudevan Nair on Thursday morning decided to back out of the film, Randamoozham, starring Mohanlal, for which he had written the screenplay. The writer, who demanded the screenplay be returned by the producer, said that the decision was taken after the contract of the screenplay expired, while the film is yet to begin its shoot. Reacting to this, the director of the movie, VA Shrikumar Menon said Randamoozham will happen.

Taking to Facebook, Shri Kumar said, “It is my fault that I was not able to inform MT sir regarding the developments of the project. I will go meet him personally and make him understand,” the director added in his Facebook post.

Four years ago, after discussions, it was confirmed that MT’s novel would be made into a movie and at the time, he had handed over the screenplay to the director and the producer, BR Shetty for a contract period of three years.

Speaking to TNM on Thursday, MT Vasudevan Nair said that he is backing out from the project because, “after four years, the film has not even begun shooting and the contract for the screenplay was only for three years.”

Shrikumar said that it took more time than what he had expected because there was a need for a lot of international contracts and financial planning. “Earlier, I used to meet MT sir or discuss with him over the phone regarding the film; but lately, it has not been happening due to the post-production work of the film, Odiyan,” said Shrikumar.

“I will meet him personally and apologise for this,” added the director.

Shrikumar went on to say that the pre-production work of Randamoozham has entered its final stages and all preparations will be made to start the shoot by July 2019.

“I had promised MT sir that Randamoozham will be a film made according to international standards and when there is a producer like BR Shetty, I don’t think it’s impossible,” said the director.

Randamoozham is a Malayalam novel penned by MT Vasudevan Nair in 1984. The story is based on the epic Mahabharata and is told from Bheema’s perspective. Appreciated and credited as a masterpiece, it won the Vayalar Award for the best literary work in Malayalam in 1985 and the Muttathu Varkey Award in 1994.

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