Ramya Krishnan as Jayalalithaa, Ajith as Narendra Modi: Fully Filmy on their viral campaign

The album titled 'What if these biopics were actually made?' features popular actors playing roles based on real-life personalities.
Ramya Krishnan as Jayalalithaa, Ajith as Narendra Modi: Fully Filmy on their viral campaign
Ramya Krishnan as Jayalalithaa, Ajith as Narendra Modi: Fully Filmy on their viral campaign
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Fully Filmy, a company that makes movie merchandise for Indian films, recently created a Facebook album titled "What if these biopics were actually made?" 
The series of ten pictures show popular stars - Ramya Krishnan, Jyothika, Samantha, Shah Rukh Khan, Madhavan, Prabhu, Arya, Vijay, Simbu and Ajith - playing the central role in biopics based on real-life personalities. 
Images courtesy: Fully Filmy
The album which has since gone viral, even inspired Ramya Krishnan whose image was morphed to resemble Jayalalithaa's, to say that a film on the late CM would be her dream project.
Speaking to The News Minute, Raunaq, Director, Fully Filmy says, "We do these campaigns from time to time, purely as a branding exercise. It also gives mileage to our online store because the url is specified. Every month we discuss five ideas or so, and this was one of them."
Raunaq adds that initially, the plan was to write an article but when they tried out one poster, they felt it was better to go with an album. 
Images courtesy: Fully Filmy
"The Madhavan poster (Madhavan as Arnab Goswami, "The Nation Will Know", a film by Jeethu Joseph) was the first one we made. It looked like an actual poster. And even the comments we've got... people have asked us if this is a real film," laughs Raunaq.
Previously, Fully Filmy has done something similar with "Breaking Bad" - if the popular TV series was made in India, which Indian actors would play the respective roles? From Dhanush to Naseeruddin Shah, the cast was diverse and surprisingly accurate.
Why pick Ajith for Modi? "The last film he did was "Vedhalam" - he had this complete salt and pepper look and that we felt was perfect for Modi," says Raunaq. 
Images courtesy: Fully Filmy
While for most actors, it was their resemblance to the real-life personality which landed them in the fictional film, Raunaq says for "Mother, the Story of a Queen", the choice was between Ramya Krishnan and Trisha: 
"But taking into consideration their looks and the amount of work that would go into creating the character on screen, we felt Ramya Krishnan was the natural choice. She has more experience that way. She can play a nice person as well as a complete villain. This role requires someone who can wield that kind of power. Trisha already played a politician in "Kodi", so we thought let's take a different route here."
Images courtesy: Fully Filmy
Fully Filmy has cleverly used the actors' off-screen personality to create a bit of humour. For instance, the biopic Simbu is shown to be starring in is titled "The Good, the Bad, and the Kohli". 
The appropriate directors have been picked, too. "NaMo" with Ajith in the lead is to be directed by Shankar. Prabhu with his genial smile appears as Vijay Mallya in "The King of Good Crimes" - to be directed by Venkat Prabhu, of course. With 41,000 shares on Facebook, it's safe to say this campaign is quite the blockbuster. 

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