Ramya debunks rumours that she was sacked as Congress social media head

Ramya's empty Twitter bio on Wednesday morning had triggered speculation that she was removed as the social media head of the Congress.
Ramya debunks rumours that she was sacked as Congress social media head
Ramya debunks rumours that she was sacked as Congress social media head
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Putting an end to speculation that she had been sacked as the social media head of the Congress, Divya Spandana clarified that she is on leave. Speaking to Times Now, the actor-turned-politician and former Congress MP Ramya said that she would join work on Thursday.

The rumour mills were abuzz since Wednesday morning when the bio section of Ramya’s profile on Twitter went blank. Some section of the media even reported that she has left the position on the insistence of her party after an FIR was registered against her. Ramya’s Twitter timeline, which had no updates since September 29, only added to the speculation to the “sacking” theory.

By Wednesday evening, however, it was restored. Ramya told the channel a “bug” was responsible for the same.

On September 26, it was reported how Ramya was booked for sedition by police in Uttar Pradesh for a tweet against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The tweet showed a photoshopped photograph of PM Modi with “chor” painted on his wax statue and a hashtag “Chor PM Chup Hai”.

After the FIR, Ramya tweeted the hashtag again and called for repealing the Sedition Act and wrote “To the folks who filed the FIR- #PMChorHai

A Lucknow-based lawyer, Syed Rizwan Ahmad, had warned Ramya of an FIR if she fails to delete the tweet and apologize. Following the FIR, many supports of PM Modi and the BJP had called for Ramya’s ouster from the post.

Ramya was given the role of chief of the All India Congress Committee's social media wing in May 2017.

Earlier in February, she was targeted by the BJP ahead of the Karnataka Assembly elections for her ‘POT’ tweet commenting on PM Modi’s poll pitch in a rally in Bengaluru. Reacting to a news report of PM Modi using ‘TOP’ as an acronym for tomatoes, onion and potato, she had said, “Is this what happens when you’re on POT?”



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