'Rajinikanth for CM': Trichy meet makes warcry for superstar's entry into politics

Many declarations were made at the meeting, but the big question of when Rajini will enter politics was left unanswered.
'Rajinikanth for CM': Trichy meet makes warcry for superstar's entry into politics
'Rajinikanth for CM': Trichy meet makes warcry for superstar's entry into politics
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An electrifying atmosphere with thousands of fans rooting for the entry of superstar Rajinikanth into politics.  Many expected that the public meeting called by Rajinikanth’s close friend and politician Tamilaruvi Manian of the Gandhiya Makkal Iyakkam would answer the big question- "When will Rajinikanth enter politics?”.

But the meeting held at the Uzhavar Sandhai ground in Trichy on Sunday evening had no clear answers except for a declaration by Tamilaruvi Manian that the entry would happen 'very soon'.

“The countdown has begun, very soon the big day will come,” said Tamilaruvi Manian. He also challenged the present government by saying, “The countdown for the present government starts from this moment."

The meeting started with a song from Rajinikanth's famous movie Muthu. As the song 'Oruvan Oruvan Mudalali' blared through the loudspeakers, fans went into a frenzy.  

Tamilaruvi Manian made a grand entry later with the song 'Vetri Kodi Kattu' playing in the background.

After saying several times emphatically that Rajinikanth's entry into politics was certain and that the star himself had confirmed it, Tamilaruvi Manian then addressed the issue of Rajinikanth's identity.

Speaking about the criticism that Rajinikanth faced on his regional identity, he said, “There were people who said only a Tamil should rule the state. Even before Independence, Prakasam was the Chief Minister of the erstwhile Madras Presidency. He was not a Tamil, but a Telugu. He was one of the most transparent leaders. In the last 50 years and the ones who are leading us now, how many are true Tamils? These are the men who are looting crores and crores. Rajinikanth had said I don't hate anyone. I believe in constructive politics, not destructive politics, he says."

Citing examples of AIADMK founder Annadurai, DMK leader Karunanidhi and former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, Tamilaruvi said that even though these people were from the film industry, people had accepted them. “A day will come when Rajinikanth will sit in the CM's seat,” added Tamilaruvi.

In May this year, Rajinkanth had called himself ‘Pachchai Tamizhan’, a true-blood Tamil. “I am always asked if I am Tamizhan. I am 66 years old. I lived for 22 years in Karnataka and for 44 years in Tamil Nadu. I may have come here as a Marathi or Kannadiga. But you all gave me love, respect and fame. You made me a Tamizhan. I am a pachchai Tamizhan,” he had said.

Tamilaruvi stated that Rajinikanth told him that he is coming into politics for the sake of people and not based on religion. “Many are saying if the BJP is behind the present turmoil in politics and I asked Rajinikanth about it. He told me that he was a spiritual person and was entering politics for his fans who are ready to sacrifice anything for him,” said Tamilaruvi.                      

He added that people see Rajinikanth more as a humanitarian than as an actor.

“Does an actor have the capability to lead the government?,” he asked and then answered, “There is no government that can equal the government given by Kamaraj. But very soon in the future we will have a government that will equal Kamaraj's and that will be led by Rajinikanth. There is only one necessity to lead a good government and that is to be transparent and have transparent aides. Once Rajinikanth becomes the CM, he will create history through his governance,” said Tamilaruvi.

Criticizing the current government, he said, “AIADMK does not exist anymore. 134 MLAs got elected because of Jayalalithaa and not one has an individual stand. If a re-election comes, not a single AIADMK member will recover even the deposit money.”

The Gandhian also took potshots at MK Stalin and O Panneerselvam.  While he compared Stalin's ambition to become CM to a bird waiting for the fruit to ripen, he called O Panneerselvam corrupt and in cahoots with people like Shekhar Reddy.

Three months ago while meeting his fans, Rajinikanth had made it clear then that it was not quite the time. He had said, "I have my profession, my job. You have your jobs to return to. Go back to your places and do your job. We will come back when it’s time for the war.”

But in the past few weeks, the actor has told many people 'off record' that he was ready to take the plunge. 

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