The top Tamil actors have called for calm in Chennai, asking protesters to give the government a chance.

Rajini requests protesters to go home Kamal asks cops not to harass peaceful agitators
news Jallikattu Monday, January 23, 2017 - 17:05

Superstar Rajinikanth and Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan have released statements on Twitter on Monday, asking the jallikattu protesters to maintain calm and give up the agitation.

“I'm saddened and pained by current events,” Rajinikanth wrote, referring to the clashes between the protesters and police.

Expressing his disappointment with the violent turn of events, Rajini said, “The jallikattu protests, which should have been written in golden words in history, has been conducted by the students, youth, women, and all the Tamil people and was taking place in a peaceful, disciplined and righteous fashion, in a way the world has never seen before.”

He added: “Right now, certain anti social elements are trying to create a bad name and take away your hard work, effort and good reputation, and are giving a bad image to the police, who have stood by you and protected you for all these days,” said Rajini. “Do not give them any place. I humbly ask you to give up this righteous protest."

Asking the protesters to give the central and state governments some time, Rajini said that the right thing to do was to respect their words.

Meanwhile, Kamal Haasan has taken to Twitter to question the preemptive action by the police, and has asked the people to maintain calm.

“This is a mistake. Aggressive police action on students (sic) passive resistance will not bear good results,” Kamal tweeted. “None can take away your rights. Pls. stay calm. The highest office in the country is watching & will talk in your favour soon. Maintain calm,” he said, addressing the protesters.

Kamal assured people that he has spoken to the Chief Minister and that he has informed the Prime Minister of the situation through his best connections. He asked the ‘justice seekers’ to maintain calm, and assured them that the Chief Minister will answer soon about why police action was taken.

Kamal also requested the police to stop harassing peaceful protesters at the Marina and the rest of Tamil Nadu, and wait for the Chief Minister to offer solutions.

The actors’ call for calm comes on a day when the jallikattu protesters and the police clashed in different parts of the state, with visuals of stone pelting, lathicharge and arson hitting the headlines.