Meanwhile the cabinet meeting on Wednesday decided to prepare a comprehensive project for flood hit Kuttanad.

Rains bring life to standstill in Kerala water levels expected to rise in many areas
news Rain Wednesday, August 08, 2018 - 15:17

Incessant rains which began on Tuesday night yet again wreaked havoc in the state, throwing normal life out of gear in several districts.

Heavy rains have caused the water levels in major dams to rise. The water level at Idukki dam has reached 2396.96 feet. Red alert has been issued at Idamalayar dam. A ‘red alert’ is issued when the water rises to 2399 feet.

Kerala State Electricity Board has informed that the shutter gates of Idamalayar dam will be opened on Thursday morning and 164 cumecs of water will be released. The present water level of Periyar river is expected to rise by 1 to 1.5 meters. Shutters of Kakkayam dam in Kozhikode will be opened, authorities said.

An alert has also been issued for the people living on shores of rivers, in the project area of the dam. A warning has also been issued to fishermen, telling them not to venture into the middle, southern, and western parts  of the Arabian sea for the next twenty-four hours.

Landslides have been reported from the hilly regions of the Northern districts and schools in Kozhikode’s Kodanchery Taluk have declared holidays due to soil erosion at Kakkadampoyilil in the region. Landslides have also been reported from Kacherikkadav Mudikayam in the outskirts of Kannur district, while it has been reported that the Sreekantapuram region is flooded.

Several low lying areas in the Wayanad district have also been flooded. An alert has been issued to the public in the district to not venture into rivers or areas near dams. The district collector has issued an order to stop quarry functions in the district as a result of the rains and soil erosion. The fourth shutter of Banasura dam in the district has also been opened.

In Idamalayar region, rains have been particularly rampant and the inflow is being monitored closely. Officials have stated that there is no need to panic. It has been determined that the dam shutter will be opened depending on the inflow. Should there be any change in time expected to open the dam shutter, officials have stated they would inform the public accordingly.

Comprehensive project for Kuttanad

Meanwhile the cabinet meeting on Wednesday has decided to prepare a comprehensive project for Kuttanad, one of the worst flood-affected regions in the state. The project will be submitted to the Centre. 198 villages in the state, including all the villages in Alappuzha, Kottayam and five in Pathanamthitta have been declared as flood affected villages. "It will be examined on how a comprehensive flood forecasting system can be envisaged. It has been decided to entrust the State Disaster Management Authority to submit timely report in this regard," Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, said while elaborating the cabinet’s decisions in a press conference on Wednesday.

"Multi-purpose, flood resistant buildings will be constructed in areas vulnerable to rise in water levels, which can be used as relief camps and community kitchens.  The government will bear the entire expense to address rain related distress. A special project will be prepared to compensate the loss in the school days for not to affect studies. Water ambulances will be deployed more effectively. Camps will be conducted from August 16 to 31 at Taluk and Panchayat levels to get documents like Adhar, ration cards and education certificates for those who lost them,” the CM further added.