As rain plays havoc, boats out in Bengaluru to rescue stranded

Many arterial roads are flooded, NDRF boats deployed
As rain plays havoc, boats out in Bengaluru to rescue stranded
As rain plays havoc, boats out in Bengaluru to rescue stranded
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In a matter of hours, Bengaluru’s Bellandur lake was overflowing and frothing as the rains returned to haunt the residents of Yemalur.

And it isn’t just the areas around the Bellandur lake, but several arterial roads like Hosur Main Road and areas in Electronic City are also flooded after the showers on Thursday night and Friday morning. 

Bellandur lake frothing and overflowing

The News Minute’s Sarayu Srinivasan travelled across the city and reports that the  whole of Silk Board road is flooded with over 2 feet water and severe traffic. 100 people have been stranded and 10 square kms of Kodichikkannahalli has been inundated.

Rescue operations by NDRF officials ensue

Most of the water is mixed with sewage, and while the interior roads leading to homes aren’t as waterlogged, one more bout of rain and they are likely to be. 

The long road that stretches to JP Nagar is clogged with traffic, but relatively dry. Adjacent to the lake, the water has reached waist level.

At HSR Layout, some of the low lying roads are filled with sewage water, especially the 7th section near the IAS colony. NDRF and SDRF boats have been deployed. A part of the low lying roads near the residential areas are severly waterlogged. Water has moved from knee deep to waist deep. Two have been rescued by the NDRF, including a pregnant woman. 

Homes flooded, many stranded in waist deep sewage water

"We are facing issues since morning, in the form of not having basic supplies, if the rain continues, we'll have a tough situation. Now it's coming down. This is the worst situation today. So far, the NDRF and fire service have come together. This is the first time this is happening, so we were never prepared," said Sridevi, a resident. 

The real problem: Storm water drains in Kodchikanahalli, Devarachiknahalli and other areas surrounding the Bellandur lake are clogged.

As of now, water has been drained out in many areas, and 4-5 feet of water has come down to 3 feet. But rains are likely and the situation might worsen. 

Lots of families however don't want come out, because they believe things will get better.

While there's no electricity, water and milk are being supplied by the NDRF. Shops have been shut down in some areas.

Residents are not alarmed, despite many cars being submerged. The lake is at the brim and many children and animals have been successfully rescued. 

Another resident told The News Minute that the lack of storm water drains and improper planning had much to do with the flood situation. "The officials failed to connect the drains to the lake. The scale of rains however, has never happened before."

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