Rahul Gandhi’s ‘rape in India’ comment causes stir in Parliament, BJP demands apology

Rahul Gandhi responded later saying he will not apologise, and this was the BJP's tactic to deflect from the protests in the northeast.
Rahul Gandhi’s ‘rape in India’ comment causes stir in Parliament, BJP demands apology
Rahul Gandhi’s ‘rape in India’ comment causes stir in Parliament, BJP demands apology
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There was major uproar in the Lok Sabha on Friday, as BJP leaders raised slogans in the House over a remark made by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi at a rally he held in Jharkhand, and demanded an apology.

On Thursday, Rahul had slammed the Narendra Modi government on many issues including demonetisation, economic slowdown and the employment rate being at a 45-year high. However, the comment which became controversial was: “Modi claims 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao'... but from whom to save the girls? Girls have to be protected from BJP MLAs. You might have heard 'Make in India' but it has become 'rape in India'.”

Protesting in the Lok Sabha the next day, Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani said, “It’s happened for the first time in history of India that Gandhi family's son is saying “come and rape women in India.” Several other MPs also gathered around Smriti Irani, raising slogans for Rahul to apologise with “Rahul Gandhi, maafi maango!” and “We want justice!”

“It is condemnable that for his politics, he (Rahul Gandhi) has used the sensitive issue of women’s rape,” Smriti told media persons.

The leaders continued creating a ruckus, as Speaker Om Birla made no effort to bring the situation under control.

After some time, DMK MP Kanimozhi tried to clarify that Rahul Gandhi’s comments were not an invitation to others to come and rape Indian women, but he was merely drawing attention to the rising incidence of rapes in the country.

"The PM has always been saying it has to be Make in India so that India flourishes… We respect that. What Rahul Gandhi said was that situation in India has changed. He said Make in India is not happening, and on the other hand, rapes are happening," Kanimozhi said, as her words were drowned in sloganeering again.

The Lok Sabha was adjourned till 12 pm amidst the protests. When it resumed, barely five minutes into the session, the House had to be adjourned again due to continued ruckus. 

Rahul Gandhi responded later saying that he will not apologise. Speaking to media, he said, “I have a clip on my phone in which Narendra Modi ji is calling Delhi a 'rape capital'. I will tweet it so that everyone can see. Just to deflect attention from protests in North East, this is being made an issue by BJP.”

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