Rahul Easwar attacked asks Can I not live in Kerala without supporting beef fest
news Thursday, October 08, 2015 - 13:15

The beef battle is becoming intense in Kerala. Activist and anchor Rahul Easwar was targeted at a college in Kerala, and his car was vandalized by college students inside the college campus.

Easwar who was at the MSM college in Kayamkulam for an event was stopped by a group of students who demanded that he should extend support for beef fests in the state.

"I went there to take a class. When I came out around 30 students blocked me and shouted that I have to support beef fests in Kerala campuses. I said I won’t do that and they flanked me. They started slogans and then vandalised my car.  I have the right to support or not support the beef fest. Forcing someone to support this fest is also a cultural fascism. They tried to physically assault me,” Rahul told The News Minute.

Students shouted slogans for almost ten minutes and said Rahul Easwar would not be allowed to leave the campus without supporting beef fests. Beef fests have been organised by Congress and Left student wings in many colleges in Kerala.

Rahul Easwar has lodged a complaint with the Kollam police.

“This is what I call extremism. They blocked the gate and shouted slogans against me. In a secular nation can I not live without supporting a beef fest? If someone wants to conduct a festival, let them, why should I be forced to support it?” he asked. “The students kept asking me about Dadri lynching. I told them it happened in Uttar Pradesh and not in Kerala. What happened in Dadri was unfortunate, but that cannot be used to play politics. Left elements are using it to make Hindus and Muslims fight,” Easwar said.

Professor Shaik Ahammed has promised to take action against students who indulged in vandalism. “Mr Easwar was at the college for a seminar, we did not expect anything like this to happen,” he said. 

The college has apologised to Rahul Easwar.