Councillor had called the corporation van to catch all the dogs but they could not.

Rabid dogs bite 16 residents in Chennai stray dog attacks six year oldImage for representation/
news Saturday, April 09, 2016 - 09:48

About 16 residents have been bitten by rabid dogs in Virugambakkam since Wednesday,  and the victims include a six-year-old girl who was attacked by a stray dog on Wednesday, according to Times of India.

The girl suffered injuries to her leg and face. The same dog had bit five other people in the area. The dog was killed by the residents. On Thursday, ten more people complained of being bitten by dogs.

The girl had to undergo a surgery at Child Trust Hospital and was given anti-rabies injections. On Wednesday, the girl was leaving for school when this incident happened. She was found bleeding from her cheeks by her father A Thirumaran.

Moreover, the dog bit another 26-year-old woman who went to chase the dog away from the child. The dog bit five people, including S Gautham, a Class 12 student of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, and T Annadurai, a real estate businessman, according to Times of India.

A doctor from Child Trust Hospital, Dr Bala Rama told TOI that it is serious if the dog bites above the neck and they cannot figure out if the dog had rabies as it is dead already.

Councillor K Malairajan had called the corporation van to catch all the dogs but they could not, as some pf them disappeared from the area.

Residents claim that the dog problem was increasing as the butchers put meat into the dustbin. Some others also claimed that last week a van dropped a pack of dogs near Virugumbakkam.

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