Producer Gnanavel Raja's wife rants on Twitter, calls heroines 'homewreckers', 'bed ready'

In a distasteful Twitter rant, Neha Gnanavel threatened to expose heroines who 'ran' behind 'married men'.
Producer Gnanavel Raja's wife rants on Twitter, calls heroines 'homewreckers', 'bed ready'
Producer Gnanavel Raja's wife rants on Twitter, calls heroines 'homewreckers', 'bed ready'
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Neha Gnanavel, costume designer and wife of producer Gnanavel Raja, hit out against heroines in the film industry from her Twitter account on Tuesday night.

In tweets which have now been deleted, Neha accused a few heroines of trying to be "homewreckers" and termed them "bed ready". She also called them "prostitutes" and "bitches" and said that they should be beaten up.

While Neha said "no man is a child", she seemed to believe it was the availability expressed by these women which was the main problem.

“Our men entertaining and allowing them what gave them the courage to touch ones happy family for sure, don't deny the very first fact!!” she said, but went on to add that it was because these women were sure the family wouldn't make this into a big issue to keep their reputation that they did so. She also spouted the same cliche about women being women's enemies and 'life ruiner' in her elaborate rant.

As was only to be expected, her tweets created a furore, with several wondering if Gnanavel Raja was involved in an extramarital fling. Social media users were quick to draw a comparison to the Suchi Leaks scandal.

Neha then hastily deleted her tweets and said that she wasn't speaking of her home but those of others. She also said this was a warning to the "show women" that she'd expose them if they "ran" behind married men (clearly, the idea that consent involves two people seems to have escaped her).

The "adjustment" culture in Kollywood, a euphemism for sexual harassment at the workplace, is well-known and a few women from the industry have spoken about it openly. However, while the public is quick to judge women actors and professionals for providing sexual favours in return for work, no questions are asked about the men who expect this as a matter of right. The fact that such a culture exists because the industry is male-dominated is seldom acknowledged.

Neha Gnanavel's rant only affirms that Kollywood has a long way to go before it can dismantle its toxic patriarchal structures.

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