'Premam': Because story and storytelling are two different things

The story is not of key significance in the film, but the story telling is
'Premam': Because story and storytelling are two different things
'Premam': Because story and storytelling are two different things
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Nivin Pauly’s latest release "Premam" has hit the theatres and literally so.  As big as a Rs 5.60 crore collection in a matter of just three days should qualify for how popular the film has turned out to be.
Nivin Pauly has no doubt excelled as George, whose love stints form the major, no, the only thread of the story. The time frame stretches from his adolescent days to his thirties, showing his three love affairs. To put it in simpler terms, one gets to see three phases of George through his three affairs, and of Nivin, the actor.
"Premam" does not have an intricate plot, twisted endings, or distracting sub-plots. The storyline is clean and clear: George’s love stories with the three women during various stages of his life. "Premam" does not come with heavy promises of being an "entertainer" or any such related tags.
The spontaneity and innocence of the first love and related heart break, a mature relationship that does not work out and finally getting married to the lady love, "Premam" has it all.
However, what makes the film stand out is the simplicity with which the director has handled the plot. The film is as much Alphonse Putharen's as it is Nivin’s. Maybe a notch higher for Putharen, the director-cum-editor-cum-script writer.
Malayalam cinema has been greatly regarded in the national context for its strong scripts. The industry is still known for its films of P Padmarajan, Adoor Gopalakrishnan and MT Vasudevan Nair, which solely relies on their strong scripts. These films still continue to uphold the status of Malayalam cinema in the global context. With the advent of the over-used and often abused term "new generation films", the greatest criticism it faced had been the lack of a compelling storyline.
Through ‘Premam’, the director has managed to demystify the perception that only a film with a strong script can hold the attention of the audience. Nivin Pauly is not the hero in "Premam", nor is the script. The story is not of key significance in the film, but the story telling is.
Malayali audience has always shown the versatility of being capable of accepting different kinds of films.The reception of films like "Usthad Hotel", "Amen", "Neram" and the likes has brought to notice the importance of innovative story telling.
Alphonse Putharen has shown immense craft in narrating the story through novel methods that has invariably created the impact in the audience- The "Premam" impact.

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