news Friday, July 31, 2015 - 05:30
  Residents of Bandra in Mumbai have been witnessing a rather unusual sight in their area over the past few days. Posters of couples smooching have reportedly been pasted on the walls across Bandra.  Though the people behind this remain a mystery, the photographs seem to have left some of the residents "scandalised", states a Mid-day report.  While for some seeing the posters in their area has been amusing, many seem to think that they are rather "obscene".  Parvati Omkara, a resident, told the paper, "These pictures have been up since Sunday morning. The only thing that people are doing is staring at them. No one has the guts to remove them. They are very obscene and not suitable for the school and college students who frequent this area."  However, Martha Fernandes, a college student, loved the posters. She told the paper, "If people can kiss in films, at Bandstand, then this is not bad art. I like the photo series — the theme is love in the city where kissing is considered a crime. A kiss is the world expression of love, there is nothing obscene about it."  According to the website Brown Paper Bag, the project is called "LIMITS WITHIN" and is an initiative of an anonymous group. "It seems ironic that as a society we tolerate and ignore so much: inequality, patriarchy, bad sanitation, pollution, fundamentalism, and instead choose to find issue with a simple kiss," they told the website over email.  The photographs are of real life couples and have been shot in a way so as to not give away their identities. The group plans to carry on the project for a month now and could extend to other areas as well, adds the website.  
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