Politicising Judge Loya's death or pressure tactics on his son? Debate on

While some Twitter users voiced their scepticism about Anuj Loya’s statement, others claimed the issue had been unnecessarily politicised.
Politicising Judge Loya's death or pressure tactics on his son? Debate on
Politicising Judge Loya's death or pressure tactics on his son? Debate on
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The statement made by Anuj Loya, the son of late Justice Brijgopal Harkishan Loya, who reportedly died under mysterious circumstances in 2014, on Sunday night that his family has no suspicions about his father’s death set tongues on social media wagging.

While several wondered if the statement had been made under duress, others were quick to point fingers saying that the death had been unnecessarily politicised.

"I don't have any suspicion ... There was some suspicion before due to emotional turmoil, but now it is clear. I was 17 at that time and I was in emotional turmoil. Didn't understand anything at that time," Anuj said on Sunday.

Anuj, who is now 21, was accompanied by his lawyer Ameet Naik and said that his family was being harassed and that they do not want the issue to be politicized.

He, however, did not name the harassers when asked.

"What Anuj wants to convey, as I have been instructed, is to let this issue remain non-controversial, as there is no controversy and it need not be politicised," Ameet said.

The press conference comes nearly two months after the Caravan published a report on the death of CBI court judge BH Loya in a suspicious manner in Nagpur in 2014.

Loya was at the time hearing a high-profile case relating to the alleged staged encounter of Sohrabuddin Sheikh in 2005. Bharatiya Janata Party national president Amit Shah, who was then the Gujarat Home Minister, was the prime accused in the case.

Speaking to Caravan, Shrinivas Loya, the paternal uncle of the late Justice Loya, said that Anuj is "too young" and could be "under pressure".

Talking about the press conference, he said, "Now what should I say. Is he adult enough? He's just crossed 18. There might be pressure [on him.]"

Many others too have since expressed concerns over Anuj's recent statement and have pointed out to a letter that he supposedly wrote in 2015 indicating their lives were under threat.

"If anything happens to me or my family members, chief justice, Mohit Shah and others involved in the conspiracy will be responsible," he reportedly wrote in the letter.

However, some also feel that there are vested interests that are trying to find controversy where there is none. And that the hype around the case is only to defame Amit Shah and the government.

Just last week, four sitting judges of the Supreme Court, in an unprecedented move, addressed the media alleging that the administration of the SC was not in 'order'. This press conference was reportedly in response to the assignment of the Judge Loya case to J Arun Mishra's bench.

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