Police hit a wall over Chennai family's death after breakfast

Viscera tests turned up positive, but food items showed no presence of poison
Police hit a wall over Chennai family's death after breakfast
Police hit a wall over Chennai family's death after breakfast
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What really happened leading to the death of four family members belonging to Kondithope in Chennai has gotten more confusing after new revelations.

Recent viscera samples collected from the victims have revealed the presence of poison. However, there was no harmful content detected in any of the food collected from the house, reported Times of India.

Police have reportedly hit a wall over the July deaths of four members of a family.  55 year-old Nandakumar, a wholesale cosmetics businessman  along with three members of his family ended up dead on July 27, a day after he and his family began complaining of stomach pain and nausea.

Nandakumar fell sick first on the same day. After complaints of stomach pain he visited the doctor on Sunday after which others in the family including his wife and son began showing similar symptoms.

Before long, symptoms in others in the family got worse after they started complaining of nausea. It was on Monday early morning, that Nandakumar, his wife Kalaivani, their son Purushottaman, and Kalaivani’s aunt Lalithaa died in a hospital.

According to police, the deaths could have been due to consumption of idlis and dosas consumed by the family on Sunday morning. Though the health ailments were believed to be due to having idlies, sambar, rice and coffee the previous day, the police had been unable to test samples from the food items as the  utensils used had been cleaned prior to the police’s arrival. The police then collected samples from the batter, sugar and coffee powder used to make breakfast the previous day.

According to the report, with the viscera tests being positive, and no poison found in the food items, more investigation is to be done to determine what exact poison was used.

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