'Please help my school mates', an exasperated 8-yr-old Bengaluru boy's letter to PM

A 10-minute drive to school oneway takes 45 minutes every day
'Please help my school mates', an exasperated 8-yr-old Bengaluru boy's letter to PM
'Please help my school mates', an exasperated 8-yr-old Bengaluru boy's letter to PM
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Can you name an area in the suburbs of Bengaluru that has no incomplete construction work or pothole-less roads?

At least 80 percent of the people living or coming to these areas would point out a minimum of two constructions that have been stopped for months now and they have no idea whom to contact to report the inconvenience.

All they can do is take on a 'solpa adjust maadi' (Please adjust) attitude and forget about it within a few months.

Well, this wasn't the case with Abhinav, a student of class 3 in National Public School in Yeshwanthpur. Unable to just brood and fret over the inconvenience to traffic caused by an under-construction flyover across the Yeswanthpur railway gate, 8-year-old Abhinav, with help from his grandfather, wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi onSeptember 1. And he got a reply too!
On September 11, PM Narendra Modi directed the letter to Ministry of Railways to look into the matter. 

To Prime Minister he wrote:

Dear Mr Prime Minister,

I am Abhinav, a student of National Public School, Yeswantpur, Karnataka. Our school is famous for discipline and standard. If we are late by 5 minutes, we will be punished. Our flat is only 3kms from the school. The running time for the school bus is only 10/15 minutes. But often it takes 40/45 minutes, because the railway gate at Yeswantpur will be closed. In the evenings also, the same thing repeats. As a result, our studies as well as out health is badly affected. 

This is because construction of the flyover across the railway gate at Yeswanthpur is not complete. The work cannot be completed  because of the delay in getting sanction from the Defence Department. It is the only reason for all this inconvenience. 

For all the students of National Public School, I humbly request you to get necessary action for the Yeswanthpur Railway gate flyover, without any delay. 
Most respectfully yours
Class-III, NPS
Yeswanthpur, Karnataka

Prime Minister's office has replied to Abhinav saying that his request has been sent to the railway ministry.

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