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The News Minute | August 9, 2014 | 03:23 pm IST A year ago, Tyler Grace posted a comment on his favourite photographer Von Wong's fan page where he thanks the latter for being an inspiration to him.  Grace, who is a photographer himself, suffers from several chronic illnesses. ( Tyler Grace Photography ) In February this year, Grace's sister Bianca wrote an email to Wong requesting him to send a two-minute personalised video for her brother's 21st birthday.  That is when Wong struck upon an idea that would change his fan's life completely. Wong flew to Albury, Australia, from Singapore to meet his fan personally; he even delivered himself in a gift box that Bianca made.  They spent a week together where Wong photographed Bianca and Grace and they also went on a canoe trip- a lifetime experience of sorts for everyone. Wong's gesture touched Grace to the core. In a Facebook post on his wall, Grace wrote, "I have never met a kinder or more generous person in my life than you and I know for a fact I will never ever forget this experience! Thank you so incredibly much!" Post by Tyler Grace. Wong wrote about the episode that was nothing short of an adventure on his blog, where he writes in detail how the week unfolded. He begins his blog by saying, "One year ago, a boy by the name of Tyler Grace left me a comment on my fan page that made me realize for the first time that as a “public figure“, I had the power to change peoples lives." He surely did bring about a big change in Grace's life.  Read his blog here: I wrapped and delivered myself to Australia… in a box to surprise this boy. The whole experience was captured on camera and recently released online.