The two actors tweeted that someone had accessed their phones and wiped the data clean.

Phones of South Indian actors Trisha and Hansika hacked
Flix Cyber crime Tuesday, November 22, 2016 - 11:57

Kollywood actor Trisha tweeted on Sunday that her phone had been hacked. The actor said that a "certain jobless coward" had hacked and wiped her phone and asked those who had her number to send her a WhatsApp message with their name.

Hansika, another popular heroine in the Tamil and Telugu industries, tweeted that the same had happened to her. 
Other celebrities like TV anchor Divyadarshini and singer Chinmayi expressed their surprise at the "coincidence".
While some concerned fans wondered if the hacker had gained access to their personal photographs and advised them to go to cyber crime, others tweeted their mobile numbers asking the two celebrities to add them. 
Perhaps overwhelmed by the attention that her tweet had garnered, Trisha tweeted that the hacker was best dealt with by "cybercrime officials and karma". She added that she was "amused to know that I matter so much". 

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