People write 'crappy reviews' if they're not paid: Actor Varalaxmi lashes out

The actor took to Twitter to slam "paid reviewers" and industry politics, which she claimed, had cost her film 'Echarikkai'.
People write 'crappy reviews' if they're not paid: Actor Varalaxmi lashes out
People write 'crappy reviews' if they're not paid: Actor Varalaxmi lashes out
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Actor Varalaxmi Sarathkumar has lashed out against "paid reviewers" and the politics in the film industry which reportedly makes it difficult for small films to survive. The actor was talking about her recent film Echarikkai, a thriller directed by debut filmmaker Sarjun, who'd made a name for himself with short films like Lakshmi and Maa.

Alleging that certain people wrote "crappy reviews" if they were not paid and that there were others who worked only for certain actors, Varalaxmi said that Echarikkai was a small film on which the team had worked on with "great conviction". She further claimed that the film had not received good screens because of "the amount of politics that goes on between a small distributor and big ones".

Stating that it was the public which loses out on watching good films because of these factors, Varalaxmi urged the audience to go to watch films big and small, irrespective of reviews. "There are amazing movies being made...don't be star struck go support small films as well (sic)," she added.

She also expressed her thanks to those who reviewed movies honestly.

This is not for the first time that someone from the film industry has slammed reviewers. Recently, Kaali director Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi even appeared on the same YouTube channels used by the reviewers to ask them why they'd made certain critical comments about her film and if they'd understood the film in the first place.

Previously, a few prominent members from the film industry had come down heavily on reviewer Maran (known as Blue Sattai) of Tamil Talkies for his review of the Ajith film Vivegam. Actor Suhasini Maniratnam had stirred controversy by stating that only "qualified" people should be allowed to review films ahead of the release of OK Kanmani. Even Rajinikanth has, in the past, asked reviewers not to be "harsh" in their language while writing reviews.

The issue of "paid reviews" has cropped up time and again, with Vishal of the Nadigar Sangam stating that the film industry would try and stop people from reviewing films for the first weekend of their release. However, several people have pointed out that the culture of turning PR persons into film reviewers was something that the film industry itself encouraged. It's also unclear what "qualifications" the industry expects from film reviewers.

As for the other issue that Varalaxmi has pointed out about small films, this is once again a gripe that has been in the air. Actor Sai Dhanshika had lashed out about the issue after her film Vizhithiru did not get good screens despite the promises made by the Producers' Council during a strike called by them.

Several persons have commended Varalaxmi for putting out her views on a public platform.

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