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The News Minute | September 17, 2014 | 06:15 pm IST Earlier this week, a restaurant in West Bengal came into spotlight after it allegedly denied entry to a woman inside its premises. The woman alleged that she was stopped from entering the restaurant because she was “the Park Street rape victim”. She filed a complaint with the Kalighat Police in Kolkata.  The woman also published, on Facebook, a post on her experience at the restaurant which was widely circulated on social media and was also covered by media organisations. Read: Woman says she was denied entry to Ginger pub because she was "Park Street rape victim" Auranzeb, manager of Ginger Pub and Bar told The News Minute: “She is lying, she came in at 12.10 and we turned her away because the bar closes at 12. As I recall, she had come four months ago and we did not turn her away, why should we do so now?” However, the alleged incident has put the restaurant at the receiving end of some serious flak from many on the social media with people pouring their outrage online.  Zomato, an online restaurant guide, also saw many negative reviews about the restaurant by people who criticised the restaurant because of the way the staff allegedly treated the woman. Some of the comments read: You just denied entry to a rape victim whereas you should have made her feel more contented, benign and treat her like a woman, a human being. You just raped her again mentally. Disgrace is just a minor word for what you did!   I am glad that I have never eaten in this place and not I have heard from people about this place. The reason I write this review is that this place has started discriminating based on victimizations of past and based on that have not allowed a " Rape Victim" coined by the manager to the woman who wanted to dine with her fiance. We call this democracy...is this truly a freedom of speech.How low can a person go down calling a woman a "Rape Victim" reminding her of her past violence in front of other people and denying entry. How could you live with yourself...you godforsaken heartless bunch of dirty creatures. I surely hope ths reaches the ear of the management, if you cannot gurantee simple dignity to women u r no better than the rapists themselves. Discrimination to a victim , i being a lawyer will make sure you get stringent sanctions for this inhuman act by your manager. Along with the negative reviews, the ratings for the restaurant have also gone down significantly on Zomato.
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