JSP Chief Pawan Kalyan gad alleged that his opponents had paid Rs 150 crore to ensure his defeat in Gajawaka and Bhimavaram constituencies.

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma took a swipe at actor and Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan on Twitter for attributing cash for votes as the reason for his loss in the recent Andhra Pradesh Assembly Elections. Pavan Kalyan had lost in both the Assembly seats he had contested from and had alleged that Rs 150 crore was pumped in to ensure his loss. 

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, his first after the Assembly results Pawan Kalyan alleged, “They were determined to see that I would not enter the Assembly. I came to know that my opponents spent around Rs 150 crore to defeat me in Gajuwaka and Bhimavaram constituencies. Their sole aim was to defeat me,”. He, however, did not name the party that had allegedly pumped in the money.” 

Ram Gopal Varma called this allegation by the Jana Sena Party Chief as an insult to the voters. He tweeted out on Sunday saying if voters really wanted Pawan Kalyan to win, they would take the money from other political parties and still vote for him. 

"Pawan Kalyan saying he lost because 150 Crore was given to voters is a real insult to voters because he’s saying people who he wants to serve are corrupt. If voters wanted him they could take money from others and still voted him. If Pawan Kalyan also has to give money for votes what’s the point in being Pawan Kalyan? Just asking," tweeted RVG on Sunday. 



Jana Sena had polled 21.30 lakh votes, a vote share of just 6.7%, in the recently concluded Andhra Pradesh Elections. Pawan contested from two seats – Bhimavaram and Gajuwaka but was unable to secure a win in both the seats. The party founded in 2014 managed to win just one seat from the Rajole Assembly constituency in East Godavari district. 

In his address to party workers, Pawan said he had come with a 25-year long goal into Andhra politics and was not in any hurry gain power. “I came prepared to digest defeat. Every time we fall down, we will bounce back with more energy”. He has called upon his party cadres to prepare for the upcoming local body elections in the state.