Pawan Kalyan alleges security lapse in yatra, police say charges are false

Pawan Kalyan claimed that a plot to murder him had been unearthed, but the police and TDP say he has been given enough security.
Pawan Kalyan alleges security lapse in yatra, police say charges are false
Pawan Kalyan alleges security lapse in yatra, police say charges are false
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The second phase of Pawan Kalyan’s Praja Porata Yatra, a public outreach programme in the coastal districts of West Godavari, is now mired in controversy with claims and counter claims made about the alleged breach in security. Pawan sparked a row when he claimed that three criminals plotted to kill him before the upcoming Assembly elections. 

“I don’t know whether they are from the ruling party or the Opposition, but I have heard the recording in which three criminals plotted to kill me.” He also slammed the government saying enough security had not been provided for the rallies and gatherings part of his Praja Porata Yatra.

However, when TNM contacted the West Godavari police about these alleged lapses, they said the charges were false. “There is no fact behind these allegations; there was no breach in security. On that specific day, four youths on one bike and car passed through the route of the  function hall and chanted slogans. We detained them and launched a probe into the incident,” Additional Superintendent of Police West Godavari Eshwar Rao told TNM.

He added that special 24X7 security has been provided to the actor turned politician.

Speaking to TNM, Jana Sena spokesperson Hari Prasad also alleged that there was no security provided to the party chief, due to which there was a breach at a private function hall in Eluru, where Pawan is residing temprarily.

Last week, following Pawan’s scathing attack against the government and his comments against TDP lawmaker Chintamaneni Prabhakar, where he referred to him as an “anti-Constitutional” element, a few youth passing through Pawan’s venue, late at night, reportedly created a ruckus by chanting slogans.

Hari Prasad added, “We want security in all general programmes. If there had been proper security, the ruckus would have never happened.” He also demanded “proper bandobast” for all Jana Sena Party programmes.

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu too responded to Pawan’s claims that there was a plot to kill him. “If you have any concerns, tell the government. We will give you security. If you are suspicious of something, tell us, we will verify it and take action.”

According to Addl' SP Eshwar Rao, officials of the Deputy Superintendent rank have been supervising Pawan Kalyan’s security.

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