The actor-politician alleged that a senior IPS officer told him about how the missing jewels were smuggled abroad.

Pawan alleges missing jewels from Tirumala smuggled to Middle East and TDP is aware
news Controversy Thursday, June 21, 2018 - 14:29

In a major allegation against the Telugu Desam Party, Jana Sena Party president and actor Pawan Kalyan on Thursday alleged that the ‘stolen’ ornaments from Tirumala were smuggled to a country in the Middle East in a private carrier, which the TDP leaders were aware of.

The actor-politician alleged that a senior IPS officer told him about how the missing jewels were smuggled and claimed that even the TDP leaders knew about it.

The actor who is taking a brief break from his Porata Yatra, took to Twitter and said that the response by the TDP government to the allegations of the pink diamond missing from Tirumala, was ‘dissatisfactory’.

Taking a dig at the government, Pawan Kalyan said that the government should recreate the scene of the diamond crumbling into fragments with forensic experts. 

Former Tirumala Tiupathi Devasthanam (TTD) chief priest Ramana Deekshithulu, had earlier alleged that several precious ornaments donated to Lord Venkateshwara went missing. 

Alleging that the pink diamond was replaced with a dummy one, he claimed that a probe found that the diamond engraved in the necklace of the Lord shattered to pieces after a devotee threw coins at it.

Continuing his attack on Twitter, Deekshithulu said that he believes the ‘missing theory’ put forth by the government for the pink diamond and questioned about the other missing ornaments.

“According to AP Govt’s Lord Balaji’s Pink Diamond missing theory; any robber in the country can relieve jewellery from idols throwing a handful of coins at them while the procession is going on. Ok, then what about the other missing jewels stored in the vaults.” (sic)

Meanwhile, Deekshithulu who has been making allegations of several old ornaments having gone missing and being auctioned off in other countries, was slapped with a whopping Rs 100 crore defamation notice on Wednesday by the TTD authorities.

Hitting back at the TTD, Deekshithulu alleged that there were lapses in the rituals being conducted in the shrine and claimed that he was sacked from the TTD only because he was exposing the irregularities of the TTD.

Deekshithulu was sacked in May by authorities on the grounds that he exceeded the retirement age limit. 

However, this unceremonious sacking came after he levelled shocking allegations against the TTD administration of financial irregularities, and also raised suspicion that several precious ornaments from the temple were missing.

He further demanded a CBI inquiry, and also pressed for bringing the TTD under the ambit of the RTI for transparency. 



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