"There are no questions of ‘ifs' and 'buts'. We are expecting a majority. If it doesn't come, we will think at the time what will we do," said Kharge.

Party will decide Mallikarjun Kharge responds to Siddaramaiah Dalit CM remarkImage: PTI
news Karnataka 2018 Monday, May 14, 2018 - 13:24

A day after incumbent Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah stated that he has no problem if the Congress high command decides to choose a Dalit leader for the state's top post, key contenders, Mallikarjun Kharge and G Parameshwara responded to his statement.

When asked for a response by Times Now, Congress heavyweight and Dalit leader Mallikarjun Kharge, who is presently a Lok Sabha MP, said, "By asking questions like this, you are confusing everyone. I don't like this question. If the High Command is going to do it, we will accept it. Naturally, they will also consult Siddaramaiah and they will take the decision. I don't want to say anything further."

"There are no questions of ‘ifs' and 'buts'. We are expecting a majority. If it doesn't come, we will think at the time what will we do," he added.

Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee G Parameshwara, another CM aspirant, told the media outlet, "The high command will get the majority. Beyond that, there is nothing me or the CM or any party leader can suggest. It is left to the Congress Legislative Party (CLP) and high command."

"Let us first get the majority. Let the result come out and then we will react to all these questions," he added.

Speaking in Mysuru earlier this week, Siddaramaiah said, "If the High Command says they will make a Dalit the CM, I will tell them go ahead. I am not against anybody. But you see, MLAs also have to give an opinion... No one can force... MLAs also have to give their opinion. High Command also has to agree to that. Forcefully making someone a CM is difficult. You can't run a government like that."

The CM also made it clear that he wished to continue in the post if Congress wins, adding, "I'm very confident the Congress party will get majority, and I hope I will be the Chief Minister. In these five years, there has been no dissident activity against me. Not a single MLA is against me. May be one or two people gave statements here and there... But by and large in Congress, they've cooperated with me."

Siddaramaiah is the first Chief Minister in the state to complete his full term in 40 years.

The Assembly Elections in Karnataka witnessed the highest voter turnout in the state in over 35 years.


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