Lumix S1 and S1R comes with the new Venus Engine that enables the user to capture the target in sharp focus without fail.

Atom Tech Shorts Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 11:22

Panasonic has announced the launch of full-frame mirrorless Lumix S series cameras in the Indian market. The new S series is based on the L-Mount standard, comprising of LUMIX S1 and S1R with 24 megapixel and 47.3 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor respectively. This the company’s first release of mirrorless cameras in the full frame mode.  

Aiding the capture of best images is the high-precision AF system with the new Venus Engine.

“Intuitive control, a rugged design for heavy field use, durability, and expandability, suitable for professional photography” is how the company describes this LUMIX S Series cameras. Panasonic believes it has taken a huge challenge upon itself in entering this highly complex photography market, particularly in India. The company expects to cater to the distinct business segments that include wedding, advertising, fashion, documentary making and the rapidly evolving digital mediums

As mentioned, the LUMIX S1R the camera integrates a 47.3-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor (36mm x 24mm), which the company claims is the highest resolution in the segment. Panasonic claims the LUMIX S1R features a High-Resolution mode for the first time as a mirrorless full-frame camera to enable 187-megapixel ultra-high precision photo with a pixel shift technology shooting.

The LUMIX S1 is more aimed at videography. There will be a software upgrade key that the company will sell separately at a later date. Panasonic is also bringing in artificial intelligence for photography and videography.

The 7.4-V 3,050 mAh high-capacity battery can be quickly charged via USB PD using the bundled USB3.1 Type-C cable which also ensures high-speed data transfer.

There is a dynamic provision to ‘mix and match’ the lenses with three different manufacturers, including Leica and Sigma. The autofocus technology is backed by artificial intelligence to the hilt giving the professional photographer, a magical device in their hands to carry on their profession. There will be 42 lenses available for L mount series over the next 2 years. The shutter unit is also durable for approximately 400,000 cycles.

Panasonic has also introduced their Lumix Pro program. In addition to providing assistance and services to the customers, it will also run a loyalty program

Now coming to the pricing of the LUMIX S Series, the first full-frame mirrorless camera by Panasonic, S1 is priced at Rs 199,990 and with 24-105mm F4 lens will be at Rs 267,990 and S1R is priced at Rs 299,990 for the body and Rs 367,990 with a 24-105mm F4 lens.