Even Taher Shah's agent, who confirmed the news, is unaware of his current whereabouts.

Pakistans Angel star Taher Shah flees country after receiving death threatsPicture courtesy tahershah.com
news Security Thursday, December 22, 2016 - 18:56

Love him, hate him or just call him eccentric, you couldn’t ignore Taher Shah. The Pakistani artist rose to fame with his viral single “Eye to eye” in 2013 and followed it up with “Angel” in 2016.

But looks like fame or his music wasn’t likeable to many for the Shah has been compelled to flee the country fearing threat to his life.

Shah’s agent confirmed on Wednesday that he had been receiving death threats for a while now. "Pakistan's famous singer Tahir Shah, who is known for spreading love through his music had been receiving life threats for quite some time,” he said.

While unaware of why Shah was getting the threats, the agent speculated that it could be because haters couldn’t appreciate “his approach of using arts to the benefit of mankind.”

The statement also said that Shah was “heartbroken” when the government didn’t provide him with security due to which he took the decision to leave Pakistan.

While the sudden departure of one of the most eccentric singers in our time is bound to leave some wondering and others sniggering, it appears that Shah’s whereabouts are a secret even to his agent.

“Even I don't know where he has gone to but he has left Pakistan for sure,” the agent added.