Produced by Pa Ranjith’s Neelam Productions, the film stars Kathir, Anandhi, Yogi Babu, Lijeesh.

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The trailer for Mari Selvaraj’s debut film, Pariyerum Perumal was released on June 4. Produced by Pa Ranjith’s Neelam Productions, the film stars Kathir, Anandhi, Yogi Babu, and Lijeesh.

The trailer begins with an explanation of the film’s title, Pariyerum Perumal. Kathir, who plays the protagonist, is called Pariyerum Perumal meaning the 'God who mounts the horse'. This in itself is a reference to the caste hierarchy. In India, owning and riding a horse is a clear symbol of privilege that is denied to lower caste people, especially Dalits.

The title therefore sets the tone for the film that will have political undertones. It was earlier announced that Kathir will play the role of a lawyer in this film. The characters also have a heavy Thirunelveli accent. 

The trailer’s first scene is a bird’s eye view of a group of people running along with dogs, perhaps on a chase. The music also reminds one of the Spanish film, Motorcycle Diaries.

The trailer again ends with the same question: “Pariyerum Perumal na? Who the hell is that” for which comes the response “the dog who studies with me!”. In the end, the film’s title reads 'Pariyerum Perumal, BA BL Bar'. It also has a visual of the dog running by itself.

The first single from the film was released on March 4. Titled ‘Karuppi En Karuppi', the song has been composed and performed by music director Santosh Narayanan. The song refers to Karuppi, a dog that has been killed in caste-based clashes.

Pariyerum Perumal is Mari’s first directorial venture. The director has authored a Tamil short story titled Thaamirabharniyil Kollapadathavargal (Those who weren't killed in Thamirabharani) and a fiction series in Ananda Vikatan called Marakave Ninaikeren (I hope to forget). In an interview, Mari shared that director Pa Ranjith got in touch with him after reading his writings. The film has Sridhar cranking the camera and Selva RK editing it.

Watch the trailer here:

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