There was breathless speculation about Oviya's fate in 'Bigg Boss' the whole of last week.

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Flix Entertainment Saturday, August 05, 2017 - 22:17

After breathless speculation about contestant Oviya's fate in Bigg Boss Tamil, it was finally revealed on Saturday that she will be leaving the house nearly six weeks since the programme began.

Vijay TV had earlier in the day put up a photograph of Oviya chatting with host Kamal Haasan. 

On Saturday's show, Kamal began by apologising for the portrayal of mentall ill persons on the show during last week's challenge. This was followed by a recap.

Oviya was shown confessing that she was unable to keep herself away from Arav: "I think I love Arav so much. I can't deal with this... I can't control it. That's the reason I want to go." She reportedly consulted the Bigg Boss psychiatrist three times.

She was seen telling Snehan, another contestant, that she was going to attempt keeping her love for Arav aside and try and deal with it. However, she later changed her mind and decided to leave the show. She said that she'd gained "experience" and "love" from the show. 

Snehan was in tears when it became clear that Oviya had made up her mind to leave. She refused to take the help of other contestants in packing up. The reactions of others were also captured on camera, with Bindu and Raiza crying. Raiza seemed remorseful of her behaviour to Oviya while Gayathri and Shakti were not as forgiving.

Finally, Kamal invited Oviya to the stage. She was given a rapturous welcome by the audience, hailed as a "mass entry" on social media. Kamal said that she'd made the right decision to walk out of the show when she did. Kamal called love "a state of mind" rather than a "barter system". 

"I think I've learned this already," smiled Oviya.

Kamal wished her well and Oviya said that she felt like she'd become a better person now. 

"This love that you show me is very special. I didn't expect this at all when I first came in. I feel more responsible to you guys because of your love," she told the audience. She also promised that she planned to do more for society because of all the love that she'd received. 

Kamal added that today's generation was willing to accept her with all her flaws. 

Asked if she wanted to say something to the housemates, Oviya said, "I love you, Arav!" Though many from the audience protested, Oviya persisted in her declarations. 

On Friday, Oviya's supporters - Oviya's Army, as they call themselves - were heartbroken to see their favourite contestant crying and in emotional distress. There were also rumours that she'd tried to harm herself. 

Oviya had professed her love several times to another contestant Arav, who initially appeared to be supportive of her, but ended up cold-shouldering her. While some said that Oviya had cracked under the stress of living in a closed environment with hostile inmates, others said that she was only executing a task given to her by Bigg Boss

 An actor who has appeared in only a handful of films, Oviya developed a formidable fan base, toppling the likes of Namitha, Ganesh Venkatraman, Harathi and other more known faces from Kollywood, in popularity. She was nominated several times to be removed from the house but came back every single time because of public support.

She won the audience's sympathy when she was isolated by the rest of the house because of misunderstandings and lies spread by another contestant, Juliana. Her actions during contestant Bharani's eviction were also applauded by the audience. Bharani was accused by the other contestants, especially Gayathri, of being a danger to the women in the house. The audience as well as Oviya felt he was wrongfully accused.

When Bharani left, Oviya was the only one to say bye to him and that single compassionate act of hers won over thousands of viewers.

Even celebrities were not immune to Oviya's charms and many have been tweeting about her actions and expressing their concerns for her welfare.

Bigg Boss premiered on June 25 and though it has seen a number of allegations of defamation, it has steadily become one of the most popular reality TV shows on Tamil TV channels. Attachments

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