Whether it's OPS's love for mixture or H Raja's 'Joseph Vijay' jibes, this satire by Jump Cuts captures it all!

From OPS-EPS to Tamilisai this hilarious satire captures TN politics in 2017Screenshot/ Youtube
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H Raja's 'Joseph Vijay' jibes, OPS's preoccupation with mixture, Sasikala's "Chinamma" title, Vishal's attempt to "revolutionise" politics - Tamil Nadu has been anything but boring in 2017.

Since the time former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa passed away in December last year, the state has been going through a period of political uncertainty and high voltage drama.

While the AIADMK split into different factions, the DMK tried to gain mileage from the in-fighting. The BJP has also attempted to gain a foothold in the state. Now, towards the end of the year, comes a satirical video from Jump Cuts, put together by Hari and Naresh, that takes us through the black comedy that Tamil Nadu politics has become.

The video starts from January 2017, when the jallikattu protests in the state became a forum for people to express their displeasure about several things. While a PETA representative wearing sunglasses and speaking English tries to catch OPS's attention, the latter is busy eating his mixture. And as the protests break out and PETA comes under attack, too, he's eating his mixture.

Sasikala, who is known as "Chinnamma", is shown acting perplexed before a man who showers her with all kinds of titles, except "Future CM". But she soon fixes him with a knock on his head.

In February, the oil spill in Ennore comes up. But OPS is annoyed that the crisis is distracting him from his mixture. His go-to-man is the great "scientist" Sellur Raju who tells him that the contaminated water can be removed with a bucket...and thrown into the sea!

Most hilarious in the video is perhaps actor Vishal, who is shown as being sucked into politics by his close associate Ramana. The imitation is spot on.

"For how long will you keep acting as Thalaivan? When will you become the Thalaivan?" Ramana asks. He then convinces Vishal to stand for the Producers' Council election.

DMK’s MK Stalin with his shirt-open avatar also makes an appearance. "I bought this shirt only two days ago. It's a good shirt. It's a Ramaraj shirt. And they tore it! I've become like Batman," he says.

In March, Tamilisai Soundarajan, the President of the BJP in Tamil Nadu, and the favourite of meme-makers comes spouting the same answer ("You can't blame the BJP for everything!") for all questions. The wig is cruel but hilarious nevertheless.

When asked to repeat her answers in English, she calls in party colleague H Raja. The latter uses the same strategy but when the reporter remains persistent, he asks him for his name. When he hears the name 'Albert', he says, "Can't give people named Albert any answer!" (a reference to the Koundamani 'Petromax' joke).

The fight between the EPS-OPS factions is depicted as well, with the supporters showing their allegiance but actually just singing praises for their own growth in the party. But well, the common man is not always thinking about politics. Suchi Leaks is enough to distract him from state politics for a while.

Meanwhile, in April, Ramana tells Vishal to stand in the RK Nagar bye-elections and to remember to keep using the phrases "God bless!" and "Hopefully!".

The politics over the Keezhadi excavations, the BJP's love for the cow, TTV Dhinakaran's entry, PM Narendra Modi's meet with US President Donald Trump, the PM's penchant for promoting Reliance Jio, TN's obsession with Bigg Boss, GST and more find a place in this rib-tickling satire.


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