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The News Minute | December 19, 2014 | 03:08 pm IST  A parody account of BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Facebook is creating quite the confusion on social media, with his followers apparently taking the parody account for real.  In fact, a seemingly irked Swamy on Sunday tweeted threatening Facebook with legal notice if they did not take down the parody account.  Desperate Congi&Aaptards seeing the huge knock out response of PTs have resorted to parody accounts.Facebook must act or face legal notice — Subramanian Swamy (@Swamy39) December 14, 2014 Read: Subramanian Swamy threatens to sue Facebook if parody account is not taken down Swamy is more of a Twitter user with a verified account on the micro-blogging site. But, he also has significant presence on Facebook, courtesy the Dr Subramanian Swamy page. Though not verified, and likely not run by Swamy directly, the page 'has been endorsed by the man himself, although it’s actually run by the ShankhNaad team', states a report by Scroll.  @AjitsinhJagirda : I have no Facebook. But youngsters in US in my name are publicising my activities. Opinions are theirs — Subramanian Swamy (@Swamy39) December 5, 2014 The parody account is called Subramaniam Swamy, with the first name ending with the letter 'm'. However, the leader's first name and the one on the 'endorsed' account ends with a 'n'.  The parody seems to be doing a decent job, considering people are taking him to be the real Swamy, although the account clearly states 'This is not Subramanian Swamy's official page'. With two identical pages, and posts that too are pretty similar, the confusion seems to have not just boggled ordinary readers but also Facebook.  Also read: A Facebook page making fun of Subramanian Swamy's Virat Hindu The Dr Subramanian Swamy page on Facebook is no more available on the social networking site. Whether it has been intentionally deleted by its operators, or whether Facebook pulled it down, is not clear. However, according to speculations doing the rounds, it seems that Facebook may have deleted the Dr Subramanian Swamy Facebook page instead of the parody.  If the speculations do turn to be true, can one of the takeaways from the episode be 'How to run a successful parody account?'? In all this uncertainty, the parody account seems to be having quite a laugh. The person running the parody account published several posts on Facebook after the 'confusion' made news.  The next post from the parody was, And next,  The last laugh was not over yet,  Twitteratis haven't been left behind in all this, making the most of the situation.  Facebook removed hate page managed by @Swamy39 's PTs instead of the parody one. Haha. He thought he can fool Facebook like Viraat Hindus. — Benign Blabber (@beingnoMADic) December 19, 2014 FB confused or drunk instead of Parody Page they deleted Official Page of Subu :v :D http://t.co/WiQVlaMZNz — RajnikantV/sCIDJokes (@rajnivscidjokez) December 19, 2014 #facebook (temporarily) removing hate filled "authentic" page of @Swamy39 instead of its parody account! Oh irony! You made my day #facebook — Sudeep Kanur (@piby0) December 19, 2014 Tweet By the time you finish reading this, the 'real' Dr Subramanian Swamy page could be restored for all we know. In such a situation, please bear with us.  Also read- The irony when Sagarika Ghose's 'No noise' promo is aired on Times Now