From Zoom meetings to morning runs, these buds should do the trick.

Jabra Elite Active 75T and OnePlus Buds Pro
Atom Tech Shorts Monday, December 20, 2021 - 19:28

If someone asked us what’s a good budget for a high-quality TWS Bluetooth earbuds a year ago, we might have said Rs 15,000. A lot has changed since then. Sub Rs-10K earbuds have upped their game, adding key features like ANC (active noise cancellation) as well as improving the audio output. We’ve also seen price drops on premium buds from last year that have added more options if you’ve got about Rs 10K to spare. From Zoom meetings to morning runs, these buds should do the trick:

Nothing ear (1) Black edition: it’s the same Scandinavian minimalism, but it’s a whole new colour way. Nothing’s first product had our attention with its transparent, stripped-down vision of TWS earbuds. The brand has just launched a new black edition that retains the same features with a new vibe. They’re incredibly light (just 4.7 gm) in your ear and are kitted with 11.6 mm drivers that ensure these buds deliver terrific sound at this price tag. They don’t flinch at high volume levels, a zone where many cheaper earbuds usually stumble. Call quality is dependable while the 34-hour battery life (including the case) is probably the clincher. (Rs 6,999) 

OnePlus Buds Pro: These buds are packed in one of the slimmest cases. This despite a large 520 mAh battery that delivers an impressive 38 hours of battery life. The shortened stem design allows you to switch to ANC mode with a quick press. The buds deliver on the noise cancellation front, whether you’re outdoors or at the gym. You get extra functionality if you’re within the OnePlus ecosystem like a low-latency ‘Pro Gaming mode’. Other handy features include wireless charging, IPX 4 water resistance for the case (that’s great at this price) and IPX 55 for dust and water resistance for the buds. (Rs 9,990) 

Google Pixel Buds A-Series: The ultra-compact case that houses these buds also doubles up as a fidget toy that’s geared for multiple clicks. Just in case you’re one of those who keeps flipping these cases. The other thoughtful and unique design element is the stabiliser arc, a tiny extension of the earbud, keeps the bud securely in your ear. There are three pairs of silicon tips that should help you nail the perfect fit and filter external sounds. The 12mm drivers with bass boost ensure these buds deliver stellar sound quality. While ‘beamfoaming’ microphones improve quality, it’s the Google Assistant value proposition with the live translation tool that sets these apart. (Rs 9,999) 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: In a market full of similar looking TWS earbuds, these buds standout with their quirky design. That’s not the only reason why these buds are on our list, a year after their launch. There are few buds that are more conducive for active lifestyles. These jelly bean-shaped buds sit securely inside ears, they don’t fall off easily even if your gym trainer is pushing you over the edge. Call quality is a win and so is noise cancellation. The ring box style case offers wireless charging. (Rs 7,999) 

Jabra Elite Active 75T: designed for active lifestyles and with a snug fit. An IP57-rating means that these are sweatproof and waterproof, Jabra offers a two-year warranty against dust and sweat. You don’t have to worry about charging these buds too often. You get 24 hours of battery life even with ANC on. They’re equipped 4 mics that ensure great call quality even in crowded spaces while the customisable equaliser in the companion App allows you to tweak the bass and treble settings (Rs 8,999)

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